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The Call Cowboy autodialer system helps boost your business's productivity, increasing sales and closing on leads.

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The Call Cowboy Auto Dialer System

Our auto dialing platform gives you the ability to dial from your mobile device or landline. You'll have the freedom to work whenever or wherever you want. Whether you need a single-seat power dialer or one thousand-seat predictive dialer, Call Cowboy has the service to fit your business's needs.

Make Hundreds of Calls

The Call Cowboy auto dialer app has multiple platforms designed to suit the way you do business. The system is $79 monthly per user and you can cancel at any time. You don't have to sign a lengthy contract to sign up for our services.

Auto Dialer Mobile Device Capabilities
What is an Auto Dialer?

Automatic dialing software automatically dials your customer's numbers without you having to manually enter each phone number. It can give customers an automated message when they answer or connect them with a live agent once the call has been picked up.

Some overall benefits of an autodialer system include:

  • Increased contact with your customers
  • Boost in agent productivity
  • Reduced operational costs
  • Improved customer contact performance

Once a call is completed, the system will automatically dial the next one. The system efficiently eliminates employee downtime.

Countless Benefits of Auto Dialer

You don't have to waste precious minutes of your days dialing phone numbers. The auto dialer software will dial the numbers for you, freeing up time and enabling you to make more calls.

Additional benefits include:

  • Increase in Productivity
    The autodialer calling machine saves you time by automatically dialing phone numbers. You'll spend more time speaking with your customers instead of manually entering phone numbers yourself.
  • Spend More Time Talking With Customers
    Experience improved call connections and shorter idle time with the auto dialer system. You'll spend more of your time making connections with your customers instead of dealing with the hassle of dropped calls and dialing phone numbers.
  • Boost in Revenue Stream
    Since you'll be spending more time making phone calls, your conversions will increase. Save two to three hours per agent each day by eliminating wasted time on the phone. You'll spend more time talking with customers, therefore increasing your revenue.
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Auto Dialer Features

The Call Cowboy Auto Dialer system comes equipped with multiple features across each component. Increase your sales and scale your call campaign as you utilize each aspect of our system.

Some useful features in the auto-dialer system are:

Phone Dialer

Auto-dial your built-in list of phone numbers instead of manually entering each number.

Call Scripts

Pull up your call scripts on your computer screen while you make your phone calls.

Incoming Call Routing

Route any incoming calls to your call center number, never missing a customer phone call.

Contact List Management

Keep track and manage your contact lists in one central location, tracking each list's performance. Import your lists from upload lists or CRM.

Call Notes

Take notes while on a customer phone call and automatically sync them into the CRM.

Voicemail Drop

Drop in a voicemail if your call goes to a customer's answering machine. You and your agents won't have to spend time leaving a voicemail message.

Disposition Codes and Ratings

For each call, set disposition codes and ratings. Automatically log them into your CRM, setting up workflows around them to maximize your call campaigns.

Customer Number Privacy

Block customer phone numbers from appearing on an agent's screen when they dial it.

Analytics and Reporting

Monitor and improve the performance of your call campaigns with our detailed analytics and reporting.

Whether you use the Call Cowboy App, the mobile phone direct autodialer, or the desktop app, you'll experience the countless features of our automated phone system.

Call Cowboy Auto Dialer App

For businesses who want to use their existing mobile device but keep their business and personal life separate, the Call Cowboy app makes that possible. The app protects your private number, so don't worry about customers seeing your personal details.

Boost caller productivity by automating cold calls from your phone list. The app will auto-dial all of your outbound calls, making you look like a big business. You can access the app from anywhere in the world.

  • Use Call Cowboys Features Anywhere in the world
  • Create Notes on Sales Leads
  • Disposition all Calls
  • Send SMS Marketing Messages
  • Make Outbound Calls
  • Receive Inbound Calls
  • Analyze Performance

Mobile Phone Direct Auto Dialer

Don't worry about needing to download a mobile app to take advantage of the Call Cowboy mobile direct autodialer. Log into your Call Cowboy portal on your web browser to get it set up. Make outgoing calls from your mobile device whenever and wherever you please.

  • No Need to Download any apps
  • Smart Outbound Calling Announcements
  • Smart Inbound Calling Announcements
  • Create Voice Notes
  • Disposition Call Outcomes
  • Analyze Performance
  • Track Calls
  • Send SMS

Desk Phone PBX Phone System

Already have an existing PBX phone system? No problem. You can add the auto-dial functionality to your existing system. Log into your Call Cowboy account on our website and begin calling customers within minutes. There's no need to install an app on your call center terminals.

  • Cloud Based Software
  • Smart Outbound Calling Announcements
  • Smart Inbound Calling Announcements
  • Create Voice Notes
  • Disposition Call Outcomes
  • Analyze Performance
  • Track Calls
  • Send SMS

Desktop App

Run your sales operations from your desktop computer with the Call Cowboy desktop app. Setup is easy and you can experience all the same benefits as with any other system. Send unlimited business texts across unlimited extensions with our desktop app.

Auto Dialer Computer Application

Who Needs an Auto Dialer System?

The Call Cowboy power dialer is good for a variety of companies.

  • Business Owners
    Increase your connections as your staff is able to reach more targets. Maximize your productivity and efficiency, whether you're conducting B2B sales campaigns or B2C marketing activities.
  • Realtors
    Spend more time speaking with your clients and calling prospective buyers, tenants, and homeowners.
  • Car Salesman
    Follow up on leads, reconnect with existing clients, or reach out to car sellers with efficiency.
  • Call Centers
    Spend more time connecting with customers instead of manually dialing phone numbers.
  • Outdoor Sales Rep
    Maximize the number of customers you connect with using an autodialer system. Boost your commissions and income as you speak with more customers.
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Autodial From Your Mobile Phone or PBX System

Seamless integration ensures you can incorporate dialing software into your existing PBX system, or use autodial software features with your mobile phone. Whether you’re based in the office, work from home or are routinely on the road, Call Cowboy services connect you with clients and customers at the touch of a button.

With no need for costly system replacements or new mobile phone contracts, Call Cowboy is an efficient and cost-effective way to increase productivity and client reach. By adding Auto Dialer to your existing set-up, you’ll be able to liaise with clients, colleagues and business prospects without delay.

Dialing Leads

Connecting to warm leads or calling cold contacts takes time, and it can be a significant burden for companies. Whilst dialing leads is an effective way of bringing in business, using AutoDialer allows you to work faster and at a reduced cost.

Without power dialer facilities, you’re relying on staff to make hundreds of phone calls per day and many of these may go unanswered or to the prospect’s voicemail. This means you’re paying staff for calls which may not even connect to the target, which quickly becomes expensive. Furthermore, relying on trained sales staff to continually dial phone numbers in the hope of reaching a target is overlooking their expertise and experience.

With Auto Dialer, you can boost the number of calls your company makes per day, whilst ensuring your dedicated staff are only connected to live calls. Once the call has been connected, Auto Dialer will either connect the line straight to your staff or play a taped message of your choice. Increasing call volume and pick-ups has never been easier.


Using cloud technology, your power dialer system can be used anywhere. Instead of being tied to the office or call center, you can use auto dial features from any location, which means you’re never out of touch with your business and your clients.

What’s more – Call Cowboy gives you additional freedom when it comes to hiring and retaining sales executives. Facilitating remote working via cloud-based technology ensures you can hire staff based on their skills and experience, rather than their location. With reliable and reputable cloud-based security and easy-to-use auto dialer software, your staff can access from any location.

Unlimited Agent Accounts

Whether you’re a small business, a multinational corporation or a growing company, Call Cowboy meets your needs. With unlimited agent accounts, Call Cowboy expands with your business and ensures you can increase your call outs during busy periods.

If you’re promoting an upcoming event or promotion, for example, you may be contacting more clients and customers than usual. If you take on extra staff or temporary workers to carry out this additional work, you can set them up with an Auto Dialer agent account quickly and easily. Unlike other services, you won’t pay extra for every account you use, so you can create as many agent accounts as you need to.

Reporting and Analytics

Monitoring, collating and evaluating data is crucial when you’re carrying out sales activities. Knowing how many prospects staff are connecting with, how many positive outcomes and how many sales have been generated gives you the information you need to hone your sales strategies and improve results.

With built-in reporting and analytics features, Call Cowboy makes it easy to track sales campaigns. Instead of relying on informal feedback from sales staff or using separate software to try and assess the metrics, you can rely on a power dialer to collate data as your staff use automatic calling features and present the information to you in an easy- to- understand format.

Common Questions About Call Cowboy Autodialer

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