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    Whatever the size and nature of your business, the key to success is being visible and available to your target clientele at all times. Through outbound cold calls you can expand your reach exponentially and improve brand awareness. And by being able to manage inbound calls effectively, you can ensure that when callers get in touch with you, they aren’t left hanging on the phone - they get fast access to a real human being.

    The trouble, of course, is that traditional phone lines require significant overhead expense and leave your call charges at the whims of networks. For years there was no alternative and networks could go on charging what they pleased for bare bones service.

    But in the digital world, all that has changed.

    If you want great phone services but don’t want to be stuck with unreasonable overhead costs, there is a better way. It’s time to take your business to the next level with a virtual phone number.

    Creating an IVR for Virtual Phone Numbers

    What Is a Virtual Phone Number?

    Virtual numbers, also known as Direct Inward Dialing (DID) numbers, are phone numbers assigned not to a traditional phone line but to a virtual telephone system or software. Traditionally, phone numbers are attached to a handheld mobile phone or PBX system. Virtual numbers, however, can be attached to any compatible software, computer, tablet, etc. enabling you to do business wherever you are.

    Virtual Phone Number Benefits

    Virtual phone numbers offer you all the benefits of a traditional phone line, as well as a few other cool features, at a fraction of the cost traditionally associated with maintaining a phone line.

    Let’s take a look at some of the awesome benefits of virtual phone numbers for businesses of all shapes and sizes;

    Local Presence

    If your business model involves making a lot of outbound calls, you’ll find more success with a local number. Statistics show that calls from local numbers enjoy a 50% higher answer rate. A virtual number allows you a local presence, display a number local to the area you’re calling on the recipient’s caller ID.

    Business Line

    Small businesses and sole traders can struggle separate business calls from personal calls. With a Free Virtual Number, they can stay organized with a separate business line that gives them the professional presence they’ve been looking for.

    Toll-Free Numbers

    Prospective clients and customers might be discouraged from getting in touch with you if they’re concerned about expensive call charges. Give clients the gift of free calls by setting up a toll free virtual number. It’s a great way to show them that you care.

    Quick Setup

    You don’t need to worry about downtime while you set up your virtual phone system. In fact, a virtual phone takes just minutes to set up, after which you'll be able to make and receive business calls instantly!


    Worried that a virtual phone number will cost a fortune? Fear not! It actually won’t cost you a dime. Call Cowboy provides virtual phone numbers with every active account subscription completely free of charge.

    Feature Rich

    Why pay more for less? Call Cowboy is designed with the intention of providing extremely feature-rich virtual phone systems for all kinds of enterprises. Providing many features for all business environments, we are your one-stop virtual phone provider. Don’t worry, we’ll get into more details about our features shortly!


    Do you run a small business that you don;t want to stay small forever? Problems with scalability can prove a barrier to growth. Fortunately, our platform offers virtually limitless scalability for services that grow with your business and can expand and contract to suit your seasonal needs.


    Call Cowboy was designed to be extremely user-friendly. But we all need a helping hand every once in a while. When you subscribe to our service you’ll get free dedicated customer support included in every package.

    Who Uses Virtual Phone numbers?

    There are lots of different kinds of enterprises that use virtual phone numbers. They’re useful for businesses of all kinds and all sizes. If you’re wondering if your business would benefit from using a virtual phone number the short answer is most likely “yes”. They represent significant reduction in overhead costs and have a wealth of features that improve operational efficiency and allow you to provide a better service to the customer.

    However, there are some types of clients who we find benefit especially from virtual phone numbers. These include;

    • Small businesses, sole traders and freelancers

      A virtual phone number can give you the appearance of a big business while allowing you to maintain the outstanding individual customer service that makes your small business great. A virtual phone number allows you to create and add multiple extensions and lines without the added expense and prohibitive contracts of typical PBX systems.

    • Car Dealerships

      When you manage a car dealership, a virtual phone number allows your sales team to provide the individual care and attention that helps to build trust in your brand. Create free virtual phone numbers for your employees allowing them to receive blended sales calls from motivated leads. What’s more, you can leverage cold calling for fast and effective lead generation with ease. Add a predictive dialer and make thousands of cold calls to generate new leads.

    • Realtors

      Realtors are always on the go and conduct a lot of their business through their mobile phones. As such, they need to ensure that work and personal calls are separated to ensure a professional appearance and allow them to prioritize incoming calls. With Call Cowboy, you can add an IVR and forward calls to any mobile phone or landline.

    • Sales teams

      Call Cowboy’s slew of useful features makes it an invaluable tool for sales teams. Whether you’re making outbound cold calls for lead generation or ensuring that each sales representative has their own direct number to deliver outstanding service, our virtual phone numbers can make your sales team shine and drive conversion rates.

    Virtual Phone Numbers For your Business

    Why choose Call Cowboy?

    While any virtual phone number service can benefit your business, Call Cowboy combines a user-friendly interface with a host of easy to use features to help your business get the most out of its inbound and outbound calls. These include;

    • Apple | Android App - Manage your calls wherever you are.
    • Desktop App - Turn voicemails into emails or texts for faster response and better multitasking.
    • Voicemail Transcription - Turn voicemails into emails or texts for faster response and better multitasking.
    • Multi Call Handling - Stay on top of incoming calls while delivering a better customer service experience that reduces the risk of terminated calls.
    • Customized Greetings - Your phone service, your way. Customized greetings allow for complete personalization.
    • Call Forwarding - Get calls to the right personnel at all times will automated forwarding.
    • Call Tracking | Reporting | Analytics - Stay in the loop with agile and accurate reporting that can show how much you’re getting out of your calls.
    • Business Texts - Texts are more immediate than emails and more likely to solicit a quick response. Call Cowboy gives you all the business texts you need.
    • Voip | Wifi Calling - Crystal clear calls without the costs associated with traditional phone lines.
    • Inbound Call Control - Make sure callers spend less time on hold and more time engaging with key personnel.
    • Business Phone Numbers - Dedicated numbers to help you separate business from pleasure.
    • Extensions - The extensions you need to give customers direct access to your team members.
    • Call Transferring - Automated transferring reduces the risk of callers hearing nothing but dial tone.
    • Voicemail - Never miss an important message with comprehensive voicemail features.
    • Predictive Dialer / Auto Dialer - Every second counts! Use these tools for faster dialling and greater time efficiency.
    • No Contract - The services you need combined with complete freedom! So you get the best of both worlds.

    Join today and integrate all the Call Cowboy features your business needs!