Establish a More Professional Presence

Turn your existing phone into a powerful business dialing platform

Give the impression that you're a big business. Whether you simply need a toll-free or local presence number for your business or if you're looking to power dial through your contacts, we have you covered.

  • Works with all mobile and desk phones
  • Automatically dial your contacts
  • Toll-Free and local phone numbers available
  • Setup custom greetings and employee extensions with our IVR
  • Automatically respond to text messages
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Rent a Local Number or Toll Free Number For Your Business

Renting a toll free number or one of the many Call Cowboy vanity phone numbers will add that extra boost of respectability your business needs. Establishing the enterprise image will boost your branding and allow you to bring your business to another level.

Available Phone Numbers

Great news! We have numbers available in your area. Reserve your number before someone else grabs it.

    Automated Dialer

    Call Cowboy's dialing platform allows you to dial from your landline or mobile device giving you the freedom to work whenever and wherever. Our predictive dialer technology was built to allow scalability for your business. We cater to businesses with single seat power dialer needs to one thousand seats predictive dialer needs across many different industries.

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    Toll-Free Numbers

    Establish your company’s brand, choosing from our array of toll-free or vanity numbers.

    Local Numbers

    Use a local number for inbound/outbound calls. According to various studies, there is a 50 percent increase in answer rate for people who use local numbers.


    The Interactive Voice Response allows to create a professional greeting for callers calling into your system, sending them to the right individual or department.

    SMS Autoresponder

    Come up with an automatic text message response to handle inbound customer and sales messages.

    Quickly dial callers using your existing landline or mobile number


    Auto Dialer

    Use Call Cowboy’s auto dialer platform to make hundreds of cold calls.


    Predictive Dialer

    Call numerous people simultaneously and connect with those who answer. Dial at rapid-fire pace directly from your existing mobile device or landline.

    Toll-Free Numbers

    With this option, current and prospective customers can reach out to you without costing them anything. A toll-free number brings an air of professionalism to your company as well.

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    Vanity Numbers

    Make it easy for people to remember your number with a vanity number. It can be a word or phrase that correlates back to your company.

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    IVR System

    IVR (Interactive Voice Technology) is a phone menu system allowing inbound callers to choose whom to be routed to. IVR system will increase efficiency and lower employee cost by enabling inbound callers to route to the appropriate department or agent directly.

    Cost Effective

    Call Cowboy's IVR system is an cost effective way to increase your businesses image.

    Hassle FREE Setup

    Call Cowboy's IVR Technology was built to allow average individuals set up a professionally solution for there small to large business in minutes.

    Boost Efficiency

    With an automated system in place, calls are directed to the right department and employees can focus on that particular customer issue.

    Computerized Receptionist

    IVR technology eliminates the employee need of answering and transferring calls.

    Text Forwarding

    Rent Local Number

    Choose from a huge list of local numbers to have callers dial while hiding your personal number from them.

    Setup Forwarding Settings

    Forward all your text messages from the rented number to your personal one.

    No App Needed

    Use your phone SMS thread to answer texts that originate from the local number.

    SMS Autoresponder

    The SMS autoresponder will automatically respond to any inbound text message. The message that’s sent to the recipient is based on keywords that were used and were set up in the SMS responder program. It’s an easy way to communicate with your customers without having to “communicate in real-time” with them.

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    Call Masking

    Maintain some privacy by renting a local number for your customers to call. Customers will dial the local number but it rings to your personal one and you can call customers on your cell phone but the local number will show.

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    Call Tracker

    The Call Tracker feature lets you know how well or poorly your marketing campaigns are doing, which means you can make adjustments to the campaign if necessary.

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    Call Reporting

    Provides performance reports for your rented numbers, letting you know of call durations, times and dates.

    SMS Reporting

    Get a look how the text messaging campaign is going for your rented numbers.

    Call Forwarding

    Call forwarding is a call placed to one phone number but routed to a separate number. Call Cowboy lets its customers route anywhere in the world to both mobile and landlines.

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    What Are Call Cowboys' Users Saying About Their Experience

    Call Cowboy is all about giving its customers powerful communication tools to simplify their business’ communication needs. Here are what some of our users are saying:

    I’m constantly on the move, and using a dialer on my cell phone has changed the way I operate. When I wait for clients to arrive, I have downtime that can now be used to cold call potential clients while I wait.

    Jason Clem Realtor

    I previously used the Mojo Sells dialer, but switched to Call Cowboy. It’s cheaper, and it offers a range of services that I can use.

    Kelly Hobkins Insurance Broker

    Call Cowboy allows my whole team to use the dialer, paying for only what is being used. No longer do I have to pay the high rates other dialer suppliers charge.

    Jim Christian Car Dealer
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