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What is VoIP?

Gone are the days you had to rely on copper wires and handsets to facilitate communication at the workplace. Today, you can make calls anywhere, anytime with high-speed internet, a smart device, and a VoIP.
Also referred to as IP telephony, this technology allows you to make and receive phone calls via the internet in real-time. It converts your voice into data packets that are delivered over a public or private IP network. A VoIP technology for your business allows your staff to access office lines remotely, ensuring they stay connected all time. It also eliminates the costly networking infrastructure and the need for an on-site server.

All-Inclusive VoIP Phone System Features to Streamline Your Business Communications

Centralized Device Management

Connecting all your devices on a traditional phone system is tedious and expensive. A VoIP system has a centralized administrative portal that configures devices and manages all features, ensuring multi-device support within your business. You can make calls using multiple devices—with the same number.

Interactive Voice Technology

If you don’t have a human receptionist to answer incoming calls, you can divert customers to the right department via an auto attendant.
This VoIP phone system feature receives incoming callers, asks them what they need, and directs them to the right department for help. These automated systems can improve customer satisfaction, while reducing labor costs.

Call Forwarding

Are you working remotely or moving offices? Do you want to have as little disruptions as possible?
The VoIP call forwarding feature can automatically divert calls from your business number to your device. It’s so fast your clients won’t experience any delays. You can also make calls on your device using the VoIP number your clients recognize. This reduces the rate of clients declining your calls and the stress of changing business contact details.

Separate Your Personal Number

You can keep your business and personal life separate with our business voip number service. When customers call you and it rings to your device your private number won’t show.

Unified Communications

A business VoIP phone service can boost your team’s workflow through Unified Communications (UC). From instant messaging and video calls to screen sharing, Unified Communications integrates your business’ communications platform. This makes real-time communication spontaneous and efficient.

Toll-Free VoIP Phone Numbers

If you have international customers, your business needs a phone system that supports toll-free numbers. This number allows customers all over the world to make a call at no extra charges. It contains a three-digit area code like 800, 866, 888, and more. You don’t want customers to avoid calling your business due to extra charges.

HD Voice

Afraid your VoIP calls won’t be as high quality as traditional calls?
Worry not. The VoIP phone system features an HD voice that delivers twice the quality of sound as cellular calls. It makes it seem like you and the caller are in the same room.

Voicemail to Email

With VoIP, you can get all your voicemails delivered to your email as audio files. You can listen to the audio files anytime you want, saving you time energy to focus on different tasks. Voicemail-to-email also sends other important details like voicemail transcription, caller ID and the date and time of the call.

Call Tracking

If you want to analyze your marketing campaigns, the VOIP call tracker feature can come in handy. It helps you know how well or bad your marketing campaigns are performing. This means you can make adjustments to the campaigns that aren’t working.

Call Encryption

Business calls carry a lot of confidential information including HR conversations and credit card numbers. Your business must protect this information to establish its credibility among customers. IP phone systems have built-in security to prevent hackers from tapping your calls and eavesdropping.

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Benefits of VoIP Services for Your Business

Saves Costs

VoIP phone systems allow multi-device communication, saving you the costs of networking infrastructure that’s common with traditional telephone systems. What’s more, using VoIP gives your business the ability to make domestic and international calls for free. This can boost your customer interaction and experience, without breaking the bank.

Improves Business Mobility

If your business is on-the-go, a VoIP phone service is your best bet. It follows your corporate staff anywhere they go without any physical limitations. If your business involves traveling staff, VoIP for business is the best communication solution for you.

Upgrades Communications

You can do a lot more than making calls with your VoIP phone system. From video conferencing to voice mail transcription, this IP phone service offers maximum flexibility. You can stay in touch with your clients and staff anytime with no stress.

Adds More Security and Privacy

If you’re looking to enhance privacy to your business's internal and external exchanges, VoIP tech is a good place to start. You can integrate standardized encryption protocols that secure your data systems. Additionally, you can configure your VoIP phone service to work with Virtual Private Network software to keep calls confidential.

Boosts Productivity

VoIP eliminates phone tag – a situation where two people are trying to call each other by telephone but can’t get hold of each other. Phone tag increases customer frustration, leading to fewer conversions and reduced sales. To improve your business capacity to grow, VoIP reduces the chances of experiencing phone tag.

Our Process: How Does VoIP Work?

Step 1: Choose a Subscription

From business phone and advanced tracking to power dialer and predictive dialer, choose a plan that suits your needs. As a reputable VoIP service provider, we offer subscription plans that not only have the features you’re looking for but also allow you to scale your business accordingly.

Step 2: Discover and Create

We’ll help you install the phone system, ensuring the proper configuration of settings and filters for high-quality VoIP connections. No on-site installation is required. You’ll then implement services like buying a local number, setting up the IVR, and the dialer within minutes.

Step 3: Go to Market

You can now start using your business VoIP phone system for seamless communication that converts leads.

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Why Choose Our VoIP Phone Service?

Made for All Business, Including SMEs

Our modern VoIP system has top-notch features that provide reliable and scalable telephony solutions for your business. All you need to do is choose a plan that suits your needs.

Mobile and Flexible

If your business has branches globally, you can still connect with your staff through our voice-over IP phone service. It makes communications possible anywhere, anytime.

Easy and Simple Setup

You don’t need to worry about complicated installations. Our phone system can be set up based on the communication needs of your business. We can have your virtual phone system up and running within a day.

No Hardware Needed

Unlike traditional phone systems that need expensive hardware like servers, our VoIP phone only requires high-speed internet and internet-connected devices to work. Simply log in to your Call Cowboy account or app, and you are good to go.

Unmatched Customer Support

From implementation to technical support, Call Cowboy stands by your business. We’ll work with you to understand your business communication needs. Our VoIP service providers will then help design, setup, and implement a customized phone solution for you. After the phone system is in place, we’ll train your team and provide unlimited consultations and recommendations.

Competitive Pricing

We offer robust phone service plans to match your business communication needs. These plans include the most advanced features for a unified communications solution in your business. Our plans are accessible monthly. You don’t have to worry about long contracts or commitments. You can cancel at any time.

How Much Does Our VoIP Phone Services Cost?

The cost of your VoIP phone system will depend on the plan you choose for your business. Our Business Phone plan is more affordable at $24.95 while the Advanced Tracking plan costs $59.95. If you want to enjoy more advanced features you can pick the Power Dialer at $99.95 or the Predictive Dialer at $119.95. Annual subscriptions are available and come with substantial savings.

Your #1 VoIP Service Provider: Get Scalable Communication Solutions

Want to grow your business? Looking for a reliable phone system to help?
Call Cowboy has got you covered. We offer reliable VoIP phone services that improve customer experience and grow your business.

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VoIP Phone Systems FAQs

Can My Employees Use Mobile Devices with VoIP?

Yes, we can set up and configure your VoIP system for use on your staff’s mobile devices.

Can My Company Use Our Existing Equipment?

It is possible to use analog devices with our IP system, but you can also purchase IP phones to use on their VoIP network.

Will I Lose Any Business Features From Landlines?

No. On the contrary, our VoIP for business enables you to enjoy more communication features compared to landlines.

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