Non-fixed Voip

Have you heard about fixed and non-fixed VoIP numbers? You might be wondering what the difference is between these two possibilities and it’s not actually that complicated to understand. Although, you do need to be aware of what a VoIP number is first.

Global Non Fixed VoIP Numbers

To keep things simple, fixed VoIP numbers will be linked to a particular account holder’s address. In contrast, a non-fixed VoIP number won’t be. That’s the main difference however you do need to understand other key points. Particularly, if you’re trying to determine which option could be the right choice for you. There are a variety of different pros and cons to consider here that will quickly become apparent as you explore these unique and interesting options. So, let’s get started.

Explaining The Fixed VoIP Number

It’s always best to start with the fixed VoIP number because then it’s going to be far easier to comprehend the differences between the two. As we already mentioned these are linked directly to a particular address. That could be a home office or a company office, depending on the individual in question. So, it’s quite similar to phone systems that would typically find in a place of work. They need to be connected to ensure that the service operates and that’s true for mobile accounts too.

Since a fixed VoIP is linked to a specific address and thus an individual, it’s not common for these to be used for nefarious activities like spam. Instead, it’s far more common that they are used for traditional and typical activities.

This also means that with a fixed VoIP, it’s easier to dispatch 911 response teams to the location in an emergency. This is due to the fact that the particular address for the number is both on file and accessible. It’s also fair to say that businesses that use these numbers are commonly seen as trustworthy too.

As well as typically being linked to the address of a particular account, they will also be connected to the telephony station for the particular VoIP provider. These are also usually paid for and are not typically free. That means that the signup process can be slower and it requires a few more steps. It’s definitely not going to be like signing up for a solution such as Skype.

What Is A Non-Fixed VoIP Number?

This is what we provide at Call Cowboy. These aren’t linked to a particular fixed address and actually, don’t require any address at all. You can use the solution regardless of where you are in the world or whether you have a business office.

These are commonly referred to as virtual phone numbers. They can be accessed through a wide range of free services including Google Voice and Skype. Signing up will typically be fast and user-friendly. So, you don’t have to worry about issues with a long sign up process that is going to delay your business which can be great news for the typical company. Indeed, at Call Cowboy, we aim to make signing up and get started as straightforward as possible.

Benefits of Non Fixed VoIP Numbers

The big benefit of a non-fixed VoIP is always going to be the massive level of flexibility that you gain immediately after signing up for your chosen solution. You will be able to decide what you want, when you need it and ensure that you quickly build up global connections. So, it’s a common choice for businesses that have clients and employees all over the world. With a non-fixed VoIP, you can contact them, without having to worry about issues with expensive costs to get in touch.

So more affordable, easier to access and don’t forget the numerous features that you can gain access to using this solution. With Call Cowboy, we provide numerous big benefits to our clients including rapid dialling which is a fantastic choice for businesses that rely on cold calling as part of their company model.

Non-Fixed VoIP Numbers And Fixed VoIPs Pros and Cons

It’s true, there are numerous advantages and disadvantages of using each system.

Fixed VoIP Pros

With A Fixed VoIP, you immediately get a system that makes you look professional and trustworthy. You also don’t need to worry about issues with emergency services struggling to find your address and you get lots of call routing features.

Fixed VoIP Cons

However, you do need a business address which a lot of companies don’t have. It’s also a great deal more expensive compared with a non-fixed VoIP number. As such, it might not fit in your budget or be suitable for keeping your company cost-effective. You can also pay more depending on how many services and solutions you require. There are also probably going to be a lot of additional costs if you’re calling international locations.

Non-Fixed VoIP Pros

There are big advantages to using a non-fixed VoIP with the main benefits being the fact that you don’t need a business address. So, it doesn’t matter what type of business you are running. It’s still going to be a suitable option for you. You also don’t have to worry about issues with a slow setup and you can usually access this solution for free. It’s also price friendly if you are going to be making a lot of calls.

Non-Fixed VoIP Cons

It is possible that a non-fixed VoIP phone number will make it more difficult to place emergency calls. You will also need to contend with your business looking a little less professional in most cases. However, with our solution, you can choose the exact number you want so you can determine the virtual location for your business based on your needs.

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If you want to learn more about the options and indeed the benefits of a non-fixed VoIP numbers, don’t hesitate to contact Call Cowboy today. You will be able to speak to an expert member of our team who will be happy to discuss the big benefits and help you determine whether this could be the right choice for your individual business needs or requirements.