Increase Efficiency with Call Cowboy's Predictive Dialer

Our predictive dialer system is designed to decrease agent downtime as they only respond to connected calls, increasing your revenue and overall productivity.


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Call Cowboy Features
  • Predictive Dial From Your Desk Phone
  • Predictive Dial From Your Mobile Phone
  • Voicemail Transcription
  • Multi Call Handling
  • Customized Greetings
  • Call Forwarding
  • Call Tracking | Reporting | Analytics
  • Business Texts
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  • Unlimited Outbound & Inbound Minutes
  • Click to Call
  • CRM (Customer Relationship Management)
  • Employee Hierarchy
  • Auto Dialer Compatibility
  • Click To Call Capability
  • Voicemail Drop

Automate Phone Calls and Streamline Productivity

Make outbound calls to specific lists of contacts in an efficient and predictable way. Agents will spend more time on the phone connected with customers instead of wasting precious minutes manually dialing phone numbers. Discover new sales leads and lock in your customers. Experience the endless features of Call Cowboy's predictive dialer system without having to implement a new phone system. For only $99 per user each month, cancel at any time with no contracts or commitments.

Predictive Dialer

What is a Predictive Dialer?

With a predictive dialer system, calls will automatically be dialed from a specific list of telephone numbers. They're dialed automatically, so agents don't have to worry about manually inputting the phone numbers.

What differentiates a predictive dialer from an auto-dial system is the complex algorithm that takes place in between each call. The call metrics monitor a certain number of factors:

  • Average number of calls answered
  • Amount of time it takes for the call to be picked up
  • How much time is spent on a call

The predictive dialer will evaluate these factors and route upcoming calls before an agent has completed their current call. They'll always have a call waiting once they've finished their active call.

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Predictive Dialer Benefits

There are so many more benefits to a predictive dialer system in addition to minimizing agent downtime.

Some of these benefits include:

  • Improve Your Business's Productivity
    The Voip predictive dialer will take care of dialing customer phone numbers for your agents, ensuring they're spending more time talking to customers and potential leads.
  • Reduced Downtime
    The predictive dialer system dials multiple phone numbers at once and connects your agent with callers who answer the call. The system eliminates voicemails and busy calls, letting your agents talk to customers who answer the phone and not waste time leaving a voicemail or listen to a dial tone.
  • Automatic Voicemail Drop
    Drop in a prerecorded voicemail when a call goes to an answering machine.

Predictive Dialer Features

Increase your company's productivity and revenue with all the features a predictive dialer software has to offer.

Auto Dialing

Upload a pre-existing list of contacts for your call campaign. The system will start automatically dialing the numbers for your agents, connecting them once someone answers the phone.

Contact List Management

Upload your contact list into your power dialer campaign. Manage individual customers and run new campaigns by selecting multiple contacts at once.

Local Dialing

Call your customers from a phone number that is local to them.

Sales Pitch Script

Have your sales pitch script up on your computer screen while you make customer phone calls.

Call Notes

Take call notes when speaking with customers.

Incoming Call Routing

Set a phone number for customers to call and route them efficiently to available agents.

Analytics and Reporting

Access detailed and comprehensive analytics for each of your call campaigns. Access and download reports for future use.

Disposition Codes and Rating

Give ratings to your calls and add disposition codes. Evaluate the success of each call based on the call ratings.

Customer Number Privacy

Hide customer phone numbers from agents making the calls.

Call Recordings

Access previous calls and listen to the recordings. You also have the ability to turn off the feature.

Call Cowboy Predictive Dialer Unique Features

In addition to taking advantage of the above features, the Call Cowboy predictive dialer has exponential features that are unique to their software. Make the most out of your cold calls with our predictive calling software.

  • Built-in call tracking software
  • Cloud-based software
  • Auto dial from your mobile device or desk phone
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Predictive Dialer

Call Cowboy's Predictive Dialer App

Want the freedom to conduct business from wherever, whenever you'd like. Call Cowboy's predictive dialer app enables you to do that. You don't need to rely on your work phone to make business calls. The downloadable app lets you keep your business and personal life separate while making calls from your mobile device.

Your personal phone number is protected by Call Cowboy's built-in security. Increase the amount of outbound calls your company makes while looking more professional.

Mobile Device Direct Auto Dialer

If you don't want to download an app on your mobile device but still want the convenience of making calls from it, no problem. Use Call Cowboy's predictive dialer software to make outbound calls to customers. It comes equipped with a smart outbound and inbounded calling announcement, letting you know who's calling you and who you're calling.

You can access all of the features the Call Cowboy predictive dialer system includes when making calls directly from your mobile device.

Predictive Dialer PBX System

If you already have an existing PBX system set up in your office, you can add auto-dial functionality with our hosted predictive dialer. All you have to do is sign up for a Call Cowboy account and then log into the portal on your desktop. Within minutes you'll be able to start using the predictive dialing system from your PBX phone. You don't have to install the app on each of your call center terminals, so you'll save setup time.

Predictive Dialer Desktop App

The desktop app is perfect for business owners who want to efficiently run and manage their sales operations. Log in and get to work within minutes. You'll have the same functionality as the mobile app, but from the convenience of your desktop. The cloud-based app can be accessed on multiple computers in your office, giving your employees more control over their sales.

The seamless integration of the Call Cowboy predictive dialer system with mobile devices and/or PBX systems sets our software apart from the competition. No matter where you or your agents are, you can get to work and close on sales.

Cost-effective Solution

The beauty of our app is that you don't need to take out separate phone contracts or buy any additional hardware. This can save you so much money, meaning you get all the benefits with hardly any costs. Plus, we offer competitive predictive dialer pricing for all of our customers!

Improve Lead Dialing Productivity

Connecting to warm leads or calling cold contacts takes up a lot of time and effort. Typically, you rely on dozens - maybe even hundreds - of employees calling your prospects and hoping for an answer. A lot of the time, nobody picks up, meaning you pay your workers for pretty much nothing. The costs add up, and the hours' tick by!

By using Call Cowboy, you can boost the number of calls your company makes per day. Contacts are automatically phoned, and the system connects you to whomever answers first.

Through doing this, you can increase call volume and pick-up times! Your employees only speak to love connects, boosting your chances of generating sales and leads too.

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Cloud Technology Boosts Your Business

By using cloud technology, your dialer system can be accessed anywhere in the world. This means you aren't tied to one place and can use all the fantastic features from various locations. So, you can always stay in touch with your business and clients.

There's another benefit to using a cloud-based system; it's easier to hire and retain sales executives. You can hire remote workers based on their skills and experience - rather than looking for the best people you can find in your location. This boosts the quality of your workforce - and everyone can use your predictive dialer from their home location!

Unlimited Agent Accounts

No matter the size of your business, predictive dialer meets your needs. We give you unlimited agent accounts, meaning you can keep adding people as your business expands. This is perfect if you're promoting an event or new product, and want to make more calls than usual. Or, if you hire new or temporary staff, then the software accommodates them with ease. You don't have to pay any extra because you have unlimited accounts!

Analyze Your Performance

Your sales activities will never improve unless you figure out what's going wrong. With our predictive dialer, you can monitor and collate lots of data from all your calls. This shows you how many leads your staff are connecting with, the percentage of positive outcomes, and so much more.

By taking advantage of this, you can analyze your performance. See what's holding you back and build on the positives. Plus, our app makes it easy for you to condense all your findings down into formats that are simple for everyone to understand.

Who uses Call Cowboy?

Call Cowboy's platform can be used by anyone in the sales industry. As long as you have something to sell, you will make use of our platform. We have plenty of predictive dialer reviews from previous clients, many of which are from the following sectors:

  • Call Centers
    Naturally, call centers require the best outbound calling solutions. For years, they relied on staff to manually dial every number. This took up too much time and meant your staff missed out on lots of potential leads.
    By reducing the need to actually dial numbers, Call Cowboy speeds up your call center. Agents will constantly be on the phone making calls, and the predictive dialer software means they get connected to leads as soon as they're ready to talk to a new prospect! You drastically reduce operating costs and boost productivity in the call center.
  • Business Owners
    Our dialing software let business owners take their organizations to the next level. Make more connections with leads, and let your staff reach more targets than ever before. Whether you're conducting B2B or B2C sales campaigns, we let you be more efficient when dialing.
  • Realtors
    Realtors need to stay in contact with potential buyers and sales leads all the time. If you're too slow, you can miss out on a big opportunity and blow a sale. You simply can't take any risks, which is why our dialer will help you. We take the hassle out of contacting clients while reducing your operating costs at the same time. Don't waste time trying to make calls and missing your targets. Let our predictive dialer app do everything for you.
  • Car Salesmen
    Again, selling cars depends on contacting your leads and getting them interested in your products. You'll spend lots of time on the phone, but most of your hours are spent dealing with dead calls that go straight to answerphone or don't get picked up. Call Cowboy can whizz through your entire call list and automatically dial contacts until one picks up. This ensures that you always have someone to talk to when you're on the phone, increasing your chances of making sales - and saving lots of time too.
  • Outdoor Sales Rep
    Outdoor sales reps do a lot of work face-to-face with clients. However, you still need to call prospects to either follow-up on warm leads or create new ones. Naturally, time is of the essence, and you can't afford to keep going back to the office, calling people, then heading back out. Call Cowboy is perfect for this as you can use the mobile app to turn your phone into an auto-dialing machine. Use our predictive dialer software from wherever you are, meaning you can follow-up on your leads with ease.

Common Questions About Call Cowboy Autodialer

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