What is a Predictive Dialer?

Predictive dialers are outbound calling systems that can automatically dial from a predefined list of telephone numbers. The numbers are called automatically, on a system that is usually used by call center staff who are dealing with outbound sales.

The agent sits at the terminal and waits, and the predictive dialer sets up and dials out the next phone call. Agents can get help to screen busy signals, disconnected numbers and voicemail systems. Automatic dialers are used in many business environments, but what sets Call Cowboy’s predictive dialer apart from other options out there?

It’s the fact that Call Cowboy gives you the impression that you are a big business - even if you’re just starting out. You can choose between a toll-free or local presence number for your business, and if you are looking to boost up and power dial through contacts, Call Cowboy has you covered. You can use this predictive dialer with all mobile and desk phones to automatically dial your contacts, set up custom greetings and employee extensions and automatically respond to messages, too.

Utilizing Call Metrics

Benefits of Predictive Dialing

There’s no need to look too far to figure out what predictive dialers do differently. Their ability too utilize call metrics to predict when agents make the next call make them one of the most important tools an agent can use. They can also dial more than one number at the same time, so that calling the right number of leads is the result. This makes agents more useful in the office and maximizes their time correctly.

Call Cowboy uses predictive dialers that use call metrics for better efficiency. Dialing at rapid fire pace from existing landline or mobile is just another way to do better for your company. With Call Cowboy, you can make your business look better to the outside, even when your business starts small.

A Little History

Predictive dialers have been around and used by people for around 30 years and it all started with banking. Predictive dialers were used to collect debts from those who hadn’t yet paid and while they began as a hardware solution, they’re now primarily used as cloud-based software. Most companies prefer to use hosted dialers, as they minimize the up-front capital expenses and reduce IT costs. There are some dialers out there that give insight into call metrics, too, and it’s these that can predict when an agent needs another call - like Call Cowboy does.

How Does It Work?

Predictive dialers predict when a person is free to take the next call, dialing the number on the person’s behalf. There are algorithms used to surmise the exact time that the agent’s call should finish, then it begins dialing another number. This allows agents to be supplied with calls with little to no downtime. This makes the business far more efficient. Agents can also save a lot of time without having to manual dial every number. It may not sound like a lot of time, but for every 30 seconds you could spend dialing, you could be on another call. Only one out of every three or four calls are answered, which means that you could spend more time on the phone than you think. Predictive dialers work to calculate the length of a call along with the average number of dials to make a connection. They then allow all agents to move from one call to another easily!

Dialer Statics

Who Uses Predictive Dialers?

Predictive dialers may have started out in banks, but they are now saturating the telemarketing arena, market research fields, debt collection businesses and customer services. Predictive dialers are used for outbound calling as calls can be lined up one after another. There are some lead qualification agents who use predictive dialers to maximize the time they can spend on the phone with leads during an outbound sales prospect. Predictive dialers put the focus on agents being on the phone as much as possible, creating an excellent customer service experience.

Are There Any Downsides of Predictive Dialers?

There have been various concerns surrounding whether predictive dialers are effective enough, especially where phone utilization is a concern. When predictive dialers have been used, they are shown to deliver the dramatic results that companies want to see, improving productivity by a whopping 300%.

  • The benefits of predictive dialers far outweigh the drawbacks, with those being:
  • Agents get no insight into the dialing process
  • Dialers don’t give inside sales reps power to prioritize leads
  • There is a question as to whether there is pre-established consent to use the numbers

Why Use A Call Cowboy Predictive Dialer

There are plenty of reasons a predictive dialer is a good idea for your business. We’ve listed some for you below:

Improving Productivity

Call Cowboy’s predictive dialer uses efficient computer algorithms to work out how long it’ll take for an agent to complete a call. It then predicts when the next number should be dialled to begin a new call.

Calls Assigned Quickly

Predictive dialers work out which agents are free and assign calls accordingly.

Manages Inbound & Outbound Calling

If your business has both inbound customer service and outbound sales calling, predictive dialers like Call Cowboy can be a big benefit. It blends and manages the system properly, working hand in hand with an automated call distribution system.

Organizes Your Client Database

You can manage and organize your client database so that you can keep the software relevant to your business.

Keeps Data Updated

Call Cowboy predictive dialers ensure that you always have an updated client database. There’s no unattended caller, either, as the software keeps a list of numbers requiring callback.

Triple Line Dialer

Why Use CallCowboy

With Call Cowboy, you can call numerous people at once and connect with those who answer you first. You can dial quickly from a mobile or landline and you can have the freedom to work where you want when you want.