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Choose click-to-call and you have a way to let people connect to a member of your team by phone while they browse the website or app.

  • No dialing a number - simply click to call!
  • Convenient option - no need to hunt through the website for a phone number
  • Tracking made easy - keep up with why customers are calling
  • Record the call
  • Detailed analytics of calls made from your dashboard
  • Easy Integration with CRM
  • Unlimited channels with the same number
  • Local Pool Of Numbers
  • Unlimited Outbound & Inbound Minutes

Why Use Click-To-Call?

Click-to-call can be integrated seamlessly with your website or app, allowing your customers a chance to connect to your business with one click. They can use this service to get through to an individual who can talk them through what they need, from answering questions to locating products in a nearby store. Your website could be packed with exciting information, but a lot of customers prefer the human touch and voice. Click-to-call gives your customers the chance to talk to you and get your support. It’s easy, and it saves time for your customers, which ends up making your business more desirable to them!

Who Should Use Click-To-Call?

If you are running an online business especially, click-to-call should be something that you consider. You want to be able to convert your website visitors into possible customers, and with a click-to-call option at the right places on your website, you are a step closer to making this happen.

How To Add Click-To-Call To Your Website Or App

The best way for your business to add a click-to-call service on your business website or app is to speak to Call Cowboy. Our experts can work with your browsers and software and ensure that you can offer the best customer service experience possible.

What You Can Do With Click-To-Call

Access Via App or Browser

With one click on a call to action, your customer can initiate a voice call from the app they are scrolling or the browser page. It allows you to directly be in contact with your customers and it’s easy to add using VoIP, so speak to the team at Call Cowboy to see how we can do this for you. Connecting calls via the internet rather than by phone is a convenient method for your customers to contact you, so don’t be afraid to branch out.

Receive Call Backs

You can utilize a click-to-call service with call backs. On your app or website, you can have a button that allows your customers to request a call back. While this call is being established on the database, you’ll be able to see the page the customer is on at the moment and other information before the representative is on the call. The service picks up this information automatically, so the customer doesn't have to input this data themselves. Customers love this as they can have a personalized service at the click of a button.

Text or Voice?

A lot of companies choose to click-to-call with both text and voice. Text chat with one-click is similar to click-to-call, as customers can access help directly from a person with the click of a button. This is particularly useful for customers who want to text while on the go.

Within CRM

Businesses can also use click-to-call for their sales and support agents who are working in a CRM. This works in reverse, where you can put in a call to a customer and open their entire history with your company. This allows one click to call a customer, take notes and automatically log calls. It can also power through call lists and drop any calls to a pre-recorded voice mail. It is so handy to just click the phone number without manually entering it, as it saves time, reduces errors and increases the efficiency of the agents. With Call Cowboy, you can make it happen!

The Benefits of Click-To-Call

There are several benefits of using click-to-call in your business, and these include:

No Dialing

Customers shouldn't need to memorize your business phone number and with click-to-call, it’s easy to just click through once and make a call. Click-to-call means no dialing, no remembering phone numbers and a convenient way to make a call.

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Better Call Tracking

You can track and save all of your calls automatically with click-to-call. This can help you with your data gathering and marketing plan later on and you can even pinpoint the locations your customers are calling you from, so that you can target the area better.

Increase Brand Credibility

You can convert all web-based traffic into telephone conversations next time, so you can contact your customers with offers. This will increase your brand credibility as customers can then contact a human representative as opposed to an automated voice.

Detailed Call Reports

With a click-to-call button, you can track conversations, length of time spent on the website, login status etc and location, so that you can have better information about who is on your website and what they’re looking for. You can turn customer info into hot leads to follow up on for your business.

Drive Better Sales

Click-to-call is powerful enough to drive sales, as most of the callers coming through to an agent are already interested in what you are selling. It’s easy to turn a hot lead to a customer with the right customer service and information provided.

International Dialing Options

Click-to-call services give visitors from other countries a way to contact you completely free. You can choose to do click-to-call via the internet instead of a toll-free number, which saves you some cash long term.

Who uses Call Cowboy?

Business Owners

Perfect for owner-operators and business managers, power-dialer and click-to-call facilities can take your organization to the next level. Increasing connections exponentially, your staff can reach more targets than ever before. Whether you’re regularly conducting B2B sales campaigns or B2C marketing activities, click-to-call allows you to maximize efficiency and productivity and encourage new customers to your site.


Working in real estate means you need to connect with people frequently, and calling prospective buyers, homeowner and tenants can take up time and money. With a progressive click-to-call system, you can take the hassle out of contacting clients and reduce costs at the same time. Why waste dialing calls and missing your target? With the app, you can free up your time and connect with clients quickly and efficiently.

Car Salesman

Whether you’re warming up cold leads, reconnecting with existing clients or reaching out to car sellers, working as a car salesman means you’re like to spend a lot of time on the phone. Unfortunately, this can result in time being wasted if you’re unable to connect with your target. With click-to-call facilities, however, you are more likely to have hot leads come through to you, and then you can follow up with one click calling. This allows you to whizz through your target list and connect with available clients and customers, thus improving your productivity and giving you the opportunity to sell at an increased volume.

Outdoor Sales Rep

If you meet clients on a face-to-face basis or you travel to prospective new clients in a bid to make a sale, click-to-call facilities are just what you need. With sales staff working to tight deadlines, there’s no time to waste when it comes to connecting with potential new clients or customers. Using click-to-call options, you can get through call data quickly and maximize the number of people you’re able to connect with. With most outdoor sales reps working on a full or part commission-basis, maximizing your connections is vital to boosting your income, and a click-to-call can help you do just that.

Call Centers

For years, call centers required staff to call each individual number they’re trying to connect to. Unsurprisingly, this was time-consuming and led to a number of staff repeatedly getting through to voicemails, messaging services or simply not getting through to anyone at all. Designed to increase efficiency and productivity, click-to-call via a CRM features the chance to whizz through endless reams of call data and connect your staff to live calls.

By reducing the need to actually dial phone numbers or wait for a target to pick up the call, you’re freeing up your staff’s time and allowing them to use their skills on live and active calls. This reduces operational costs significantly, speeds up business processes and significantly maximizes your productivity.

Click-to-call can improve your customer service, add money to your overall revenue and greatly increase your chances of a sale. When it comes to click-to-call through a CRM, you can reduce the time wasted by staff when they are contacting prospective customers, making life easy and more efficient all around.

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