Rent a Local Number or Toll Free Number For Your Business

Renting a toll free number or one of the many Call Cowboy vanity phone numbers will add that extra boost of respectability your business needs. Establishing the enterprise image will boost your branding and allow you to bring your business to another level.

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What is a toll free number?

A toll free number is a phone number allowing customers all over the world to call without accruing any phone charges. The business owning the phone number will be liable for these phone charges. Toll free numbers always start with a toll-free area code such as 800, 888, 877, 866, 855 and 844.

What is a Vanity Number?

A vanity number is toll free number with a set of random digits or letters spelling out a catchy word so customers can remember. Often vanity words spell out a business name or industry such as (1-800-YA-HONDA).

Vanity Toll Free Numbers

Why rent a Vanity Number?

  • Brand Recognition
    Choosing a catchy vanity number to display your company's name or industry will assist your marketing and branding. Everyone has heard memorable phone number jingles on the radio. It is much easier to remember a vanity 800 number like 1-800-YA- HONDA as opposed to 1-800-924-6632.
  • Look Professional
    Having a 800 number automatically ligitmaizes your company from a consumer standpoint. No matter what size your company is always look professional.
  • Expose your reach nationwide
    Giving customers across the country the ability to call regarding your services at no expense opens up many doors. Don't limit your customer base with barriers of entry.
  • Call Forwarding
    Whether your a road warrior or a brick a mortar business, Call Cowboy gives you the ability to forward calls to any phone number in the world.
800 Number Buying Process
Toll Free Phone number lookup

Search vanity phone numbers and phrases matching your business name or industry.

Purchase 800 Number

Once you find a 800 number that you like make sure to buy it quickly before someone else snags it.

Toll Free Number Configuration

Great you found the perfect vanity phone number, now it's time to configure your IVR, Call Forwarding, SMS Forwarding and Autoresponder.

Toll free area codes

1 800 number is considered the elite of the toll free area codes as it was the first to be issued by the North American Numbering Plan. It took nearly 30 years before it's 7.8 million variances were depleted. Since the depletion of 1 800 numbers there have been several area codes added into the toll free number plan.

  • 833 Number
  • 844 Number
  • 855 Number
  • 866 Number
  • 877 Number
  • 888 Number

All these toll free area codes can be implemented into a vanity number displaying your industry or business name. To search for the perfect 800 number use our free phone number lookup system today. In addition to 800 number don't forget to research global local numbers allowing you to add a local porsense for your marketing campaigns.

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