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If you are tired of paying a small fortune for your business phone system, then sign up today and find out how we can help! We offer small business VoIP services with unlimited talk and text for $59 a month.

How Can VoIP Phone Service Benefit My Business?

A VoIP phone system is a scalable solution for small businesses that enables them to bring enterprise technology into their everyday life with little expense.


Pricing and Plans

Calling Cowboy has three plans that will help you create a powerful communications system for your business. Each plan includes a toll-free number, unlimited talk & text, and inbound concurrent calls for one user.

VoIP Phone Service – $59 per month

This plan comes with unlimited calls and texts for one user. It also includes the following features: Custom Greetings, Full Caller ID Data, Unlimited Extensions, Call Transcriptions with Transcription Search, Simultaneous Call Handling, Call Recording, Read Your Voicemail; Voicemail to Email. You also get these texting features: Automatic Text Respond (incoming only), 2-Way Business Texting and Forward Texts to email. Plus you get reporting like Usage Analytics; Real-time Dashboard; Text Message Metrics and Call Metrics plus more.

Auto Dialer

Does your staff cold call for a living? If so, you might want to check out Cowboy Auto Dialer. We automate the never-ending call marketing process which means no more sitting through hundreds of unanswered calls from salespeople looking to find new customers. An autodialer is a tool that makes cold calling more effective. When making a call, the auto-dialer can be programmed to either connect to an agent or play a message for the customer depending on your preference. This process significantly cuts down the amount of time spent waiting and calls are more successful, leading to fewer dropped phone conversations.

Interactive Voice Response (IVR)

Make your business look more professional by implementing automatic interactive voice response. This cloud-based IVR system allows you to set up how your phone accepts and responds to inbound calls. For example, you can set up an auto greeting that will be the first thing people hear when they call your small business. The receptionist can also provide a menu of options to be changed to extensions, departments, and associates by pressing a numeric key on their phone. This will save you money on hiring a receptionist or virtual assistant. IVR is easy to set up and use, which makes your business look more like an established corporation. It's also very cost-effective.

Call Tracking
  • Calls by Source
  • Phone Calls by Geography
  • Calls by Day and Time

Several solutions exist to facilitate the call tracking process. One of these tools is call tracking, or dynamic number insertion (DNI), which sets up various phone lines for your campaigns. This uniquely crafted tool is used by a variety of businesses today to help boost their marketing campaign efforts. The platform that this tool comes with offers unlimited talk and text for $59 a month. You’ll find that tracking calls generated by the business will help determine where to focus your promotions in order to get the most for your marketing efforts. Thus, knowing the background story on how customers found your company can better help in developing effective marketing strategies for campaigns.

Call Scoring
  • Track the quality of your phone calls and identify patterns among callers.
Power Dialer
  • Up to 100 contacts dialed per hour
Lead Scoring
  • Keep track of your customer’s lead quality and status
  • Agent Performance
Voicemail Drops
  • Insert a message quickly to your contact’s voicemail

Predictive Dialer - $99 per month

One of the features for this business phone system is a predictive dialer which can call up to 3 people at once, connecting you to the first person that answers.
Dial three contacts at once, and the first one to answer connects to your phone. Up to 300 calls can be dialed per hour.

Local Presence Dialing
  • Change the number you are calling from
  • Access our local phone numbers pool
  • Filter out spam numbers and monitor the health of phone numbers
Access Control
  • Control features access
  • Role-based access
Open API


  • Drop Cowboy
  • Unlimited Ringless
  • Zapier
  • Ringless Rockstar

Call Abandonment

Allows you to set a threshold for abandonment notifications, track call abandonment rates in reports and upon an abandoned call, play a message.

Enhance Your Business Communications

Cowboy’s phone service provides a variety of desk phones and VOIP solutions to meet your needs.

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