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Get a desk phone for your business location or home office to use alongside our virtual phone systems and enjoy a complete communication solution.

Create Powerful Phone Systems for Small Business

Whether you have a small business or a large corporation, you will need a phone system to help run things. Almost every business today still uses a desk phone at its base location in combination with VOIP services. Get everything you need to create a powerful phone system at Call Cowboy. We provide affordable, quality VOIP desk phones that go hand in hand with our virtual phone services. With our desk phone and VOIP phone systems, you won’t need to purchase extra accessories, pricey upgrades, or an expensive business phone. Our desk phones have all the functionality required to use with our virtual small business VOIP services.

What You Can Do With Our Office Desk Phone and Virtual Phone System

If you run a business from your home or a local office, you will need a desk phone you can use at your base and keep your cell phone for personal use. Manage all your business communications using one desk phone and our virtual phone system. With advanced features, such as Auto Attendant, Call Forwarding, Call Recording, Call Routing, Voicemail to Email, and more, you will have everything needed to communicate with customers, clients, vendors, shippers, and staff.

With your desk phone, you can route your calls to other active phones using your virtual system. You can also check messages, store important contacts, and have one phone number assigned to your business. This is a more cost-conscious way to run your business and keep your communications budget to a minimum. Our affordable phone system turns any VOIP desk phone into a fully functional office phone system with multi-lines, auto features, messaging services, and so much more.

Features and Benefits

The following are just some features and benefits associated with our plans:

Auto Dialer

Call Cowboy Auto dialer helps take the burden of cold calling from your employees so they can do more important things for your business. No longer will you have to pay employees to sit there all day making hundreds of calls for warm leads when many of them go unanswered, anyway. With an autodialer, you can reach out to many more leads, boosting your call volume substantially. When a prospective lead shows interest, and a call is connected, the auto-dialer can either connect the line to a staff member or play a message based on your choice. When it comes to cold calling, auto dialer works much faster, is more effective, and helps reduce costs.

Interactive Voice Response (IVR)

Make your business look more professional by implementing automatic interactive voice response. This cloud-based IVR system allows you to set up how your phone accepts and responds to inbound calls. For example, you set an auto greeting that will be the first thing people hear when calling your business. You can also set options for callers to connect to another department, an associate, or be given more options by pressing a numeric key on their phone. This will save you a lot of money on hiring a receptionist or virtual assistant to outsource your calls. IVR is very easy to set up and use, makes your business look more like a large corporation, and is extremely cost-effective.

Call Tracking

Call tracking or “Dynamic Number Insertion” (DNI), is call tracking software used to set up various phone numbers for your campaigns that can be diverted to one line. This tool is used by many businesses today to enhance their marketing campaign efforts by tracking callers. With call tracking, you are provided with insight on the number of inbound calls your business had by various targeted groups in different geographical locations. Thus, knowing how customers came across your business can help create more effective marketing strategies for your campaigns.

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Pricing and Plans

Call Cowboy has three plans available to fit your business needs. Each plan allows you to create a powerful communications system for your business and includes a toll-free number, unlimited talk & text, and inbound concurrent calls for one user. There are some additional regulatory and tax fees that apply where applicable, such as E911 Service Fee, Universal Federal Service Recovery Fee, State, and Local Taxes, Administrative and Compliance Cost Recovery Fee, and 911 Fee.

Business Phone – $19.95 per month

This plan comes with unlimited calls and texts for one user. It also includes the following phone features: Custom Greetings, Full Caller ID Data, Unlimited Extensions, Call Transcriptions with Transcription Search, Simultaneous Call Handling, Call Recording, Read Your Voicemail, Voicemail to Email. You also get these text message features: Automatic Text Respond, 2-Way Business Texting, and Forward Texts to Email. Plus get reporting like Usage Analytics, Real-time Dashboard, Text Message Metrics, and Call Metrics, and more.

Auto Dialer – $79.95 per month

Get unlimited single line dialer with this plan and all the features of the business phone systems plan as well as:

Call Tracking

  • Calls by Source
  • Calls by Geographic Location
  • Calls by Day and Time

Call Scoring

  • Track call quality and outcome

Power Dialer

  • Manage contacts lists
  • Up to 100 contacts dialed per hour

Lead Scoring

  • Track lead quality and status


  • Agent Performance

Voicemail Drops

  • Drop a message quickly to your contact’s voicemail

Local Presence Dialing

  • Change the number you are calling from
  • Access our local phone numbers pool
  • Filter out spam numbers and monitor the health of phone numbers

Access Control

  • Control features access
  • Role-based access

Open API

  • Synchronize call data and leads with your CRM
  • Add contacts to your lists
  • Integrate 3rd party software


  • Drop Cowboy
  • Unlimited Ringless
  • Zapier
  • Ringless Rockstar
Predictive Dialer, $99.95 per month

Enjoy an unlimited multi-line phone systems dialer that contains all the benefits and features of both plans above and much more, such as

Predictive Dialer

This includes a triple-line predictive dialer that dials three contacts at once, and the first one to answer connects to your phone. Up to 300 calls can be dialed per hour.

Call Abandonment

Allows you to set abandonment notification thresholds, track call abandonment rates, and when a call is abandoned, it plays a message.

Enhance Your Business Communications

Call Cowboy offers a desk phone and a large or small business VOIP phone service to create the best communication solution for your business.

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