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We provide the best Call Center System available on the market. Whether you need predictive or automatic dialing, we have a solution for your business of any size and price our packages at $79.95/month per seat.

The best call center system for your business might depend on what features you need. Some tools have specific benefits and all come with some drawbacks depending on how you want to use them. To figure out which solution is best for you, make a list of desired features and then focus on the top choices in your search.

What is a Call Center System?

Call center systems are the category of tools used by contact centers for inbound and outbound calls. These technologies provide a blend of hardware and software to communicate with callers.

Outbound Dialing

Our automated telephone system is designed to queue and dial the numbers on your contact list. Once a call has been established, the software will automatically do a search for another number from your list in sequence.

Aside from the significant time savings, this software will also allow your agents to spend more time converting customer inquiries into sales.

Inbound Call Center

Our enterprise solutions are designed to make it easy for call centers to manage their customers. With a consolidated view of all customer interactions, quality will improve and the company’s profitability will increase.

With our Call Center system, agents are able to easily provide the best customer service experience while keeping track of all necessary information. With features such as predictive dialing and user profiles, agents can save time by focusing only on customers without having to switch between systems.

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Benefits of Using Call Center Systems

Improved productivity

Call Center Systems are an integral part of any company that is striving to optimize their staff’s efficiency. At Call Cowboy, our predictive dialer and automatic dialing solutions will help you take your operation to the next level. Our dialer software enables business owners to make their calls 5 times faster than what was possible when they were using other dialing solutions. It is this speed advantage that makes it the most popular phone system for businesses of all sizes.

Reduces Time Wasted

Our technology enables you to jump between calls seamlessly, one of the most affordable services on the market.

More Calls, Lead Conversion, and Revenue

Call Cowboy’s predictive and automatic dialing solution gives your sales agents a head start on potential clients. This allows them to make 45% more phone calls per day. They will be able to contact new prospects as well as close existing ones faster, resulting in increased revenue for your business.

Proper Planning of Your Schedule

One way to increase customer service while saving on marketing costs is through call center technology. The widespread benefits - superior customer service, increased sales volume and lower cost for marketing campaigns start to show even when used on a small scale.

Thus freeing up time for employees to do other work.

Makes Calling Customer-Centric

For busy people, we offer predictive dialing which will contact them from a local number and make sure they are contacted again at an opportune time. Further, our power dialer is able to automatically call back scheduled calls for you.

Ensures High-Quality Conversations

The call center software lets you have thoughtful, personal conversations with your customers. That means you can deliver a more authentic message and get better conversions.

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What Makes our Call Center System Different?

  • Integrations with CRM to Reach Targeted Contacts
    Our Call Center System interfaces with your CRM and provides easy access to export contacts for importing into our campaigns. Pricing is $79.95 per month per seat.
  • Call Monitoring and Recording
    With the power dialer, you can access recordings of conversations and see a summary of these interactions. Data that includes survey responses, call logs, and a variety of other info will provide you with information about your clients that is specific to their needs. With our call center system you'll be able to monitor your sessions as they happen. This will allow you to see how the campaign went and make necessary improvements for maximum efficiency.
  • Optimal Calls-To-Agent Ratio
    For a better customer experience, we offer predictive dialing technology to provide the appropriate call volume for your agents. Hiring an agent-to-caller ratio is important because it ensures that you have a good number of sales representatives ready when they need to be. Contact us for help in finding the best dialer for your company's needs.
  • Scalable Needs
    With our premium VoIP call center system, you can quickly add seats as needed. Call Cowboy's pricing starts at $79.95/month per seat on a monthly subscription basis.
  • Easier Cold Calling
    This sophisticated system's dialer initiates an real connection with potential connections. Whether short or long, it is perfect for connecting your team at all times.

Improve Your Sales with Predictive and Automatic Calling Solutions

Calling potential and existing clients is crucial for success. To be a successful communicator, you need to know how to best answer a phone conversation.

Handling each call with honesty and efficiency can make all the difference in whether you'll be ignored or remembered.

Our voice call center solution is perfect for your own project because we offer a variety of features that will help and come at an affordable price. Check out our service today to find out how you can increase conversions from your telemarketing campaign!

Call Center Systems FAQs

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