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If you are looking for Call Center Technology, we have the best option available. We offer both predictive and automatic dialing solutions for businesses of all sizes.

What is Call Center Technology?

Call center technology is the category of tools used by contacts centers for inbound and outbound calls. These technologies use a blend of hardware and software to speak with callers.

Outbound Calling

Our Call Center Technology is an automated telephone technology that adds phone numbers to your agent’s contact list queue and dials them in sequence. As soon as the software finishes calling one contact, it will call the next one on your list.

With this software, your agents will be able to minimize the time spent manually dialing numbers. They can focus on answering clients’ inquiries and converting them into sales – giving you a higher conversion rate from incoming calls.

Inbound Call Center

Our enterprise software makes it easy for call centers to manage their customer interactions. This enhances the quality of your call center’s work, and helps you increase profitability for the company as a whole.

Benefits of using Call Center Technologies

Improved productivity

Looking to increase the efficiency of your work-space? Many believe that it is impossible to dramatically increase attainment of success in such a field, but we at Call Cowboy are dedicated to bringing this change. Our dialer software enables quicker call-times than ever before, boasting the ability to make calls 5 times faster than our rivals.

Reduces Time Wasted

Our technology facilitates a seamless transition to the next call and is one of the most affordable services on the market.

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More Calls, Lead Conversion, and Revenue

With Call Cowboy, the leading predictive and automatic dialing solution for businesses of all sizes, your sales agents can make up to 45% more phone calls per day. This allows them to contact more potential clients and sell their services and products faster, maximizing revenue for your business.

Proper Planning of Your Schedule

Too often, sales professionals neglect the importance of call center technology. But its widespread benefits - superior customer service, increased sales volume and lower cost for marketing campaigns start to show even when used on a small scale. Thus freeing up time for employees to do other work.

Makes Calling Customer-Centric

With our predictive dialer callers receive their calls from a local number. When they are too busy, we will keep in contact with them at a more opportune time. Additionally, there is the power dialer which is able to automatically call them for you when the scheduled time comes.

Ensures High-Quality Conversations

The dialer software lets you have thoughtful, personalized conversations with your customers. That means you can deliver a more authentic message and get better conversions.

What Makes our Call Center Technology Different?

  • Integrations with CRM to Reach Targeted Contacts
    Our VoIP contact center software interfaces with your CRM and provides access to export contacts for importing into our campaigns. Pricing is $79.95 per month per seat.
  • Call Monitoring and Recording
    When using the power dialer, your agents can view recordings of conversations with clients and look up details about these interactions in a voice and text format. Survey responses, call logs, and a variety of other data can help you gather information about clients to better serve them while creating experiences specific for their needs. We offer campaigns that are so perfect, you can monitor session times as they happen. With our Call Center Technology software, you will be able to see how your campaign went and make necessary improvements for achieving maximum efficiency.
  • Optimal Calls-To-Agent Ratio
    The predictive dialing technology ensures a better customer experience, so we offer an appropriate ratio of call volume to agents. Having the right call-to-agent ratio is important because it makes sure that sales representatives are available when they need to be. Contact us for help with getting the best dialer on your business's needs.
  • Scalable Needs
    With our premium VoIP call center software, you can quickly connect with customers and expand as needed. Call Cowboy's pricing starts at $79.95/month per seat on a monthly subscription basis.
  • Easier Cold Calling
    The system's sophisticated dialer is perfect for connecting your team with potential customers. It initiates authentic conversations, whether you have a long or short list of contacts..

Grow Your Business with Real-Time Calls without Pauses or Delays

Calling potential and existing clients is crucial for the success of any campaign. To do this effectively, you need to know how to best answer a phone conversation.

Answering your call with honesty and efficiency can make the difference between being ignored and remembered!

If you are in need of success, check out our voice call center solution! We offer a variety of features that truly help and come at an affordable price. Talk to us today about getting more conversions from your telemarketing campaign.

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History of Call Center Technology

In 1957, the first call center was created by time inc. in order to increase sales of their magazine LIFE. Time Inc.'s innovation quickly spread from coast to coast and became an efficient way for companies to drive sales.

Call centers weren’t always offered as a customer service solution or sales floor. One piece of hardware had exploded in the marketplace. It was the Private Branch Exchange (PBX) Due to the high cost of phone lines, it appealed to many companies at first glance.

Prior to the advent of phone lines, PBXs achieved telephone connectivity by having all calls in an office be directed through a few business numbers. From there, the PBXs would have their phones trunked into other offices through ISDN or PRI devices and then connected to the public switched telephone network (PSTN).

In the past, local phone providers were the only option for voice calls. Calls outside of the area resulted in long distance charges and higher phone bills. Companies wanted to lower their expenses even more by adding advanced call capabilities on top of clear networks at a reasonable cost.

Phone calls made over the internet, or VoIP, have changed how we communicate with one another. Cheap and accurate communication has opened up possibilities for all types of businesses to invest in this technology.

Call centers have been a mainstay among some businesses for more than two decades- as customer support. Contact center agents handle both incoming calls and outbound ones, too. Outbound call centers use Auto or predictive dialing features to call many contacts at once. However, predictive dialers with auto-dialing functions quickly became a nuisance requiring regulatory action.

With VoIP, any business with a broadband connection can handle hundreds of simultaneous calls. It wasn’t long until VoIP became the favored technology for call centers.

VoIP offers reliable call center technology for live customers and agents. Call Center Software is no longer a simple business phone service as it has grown into an instrument to improve worker productivity.

The days of only the largest companies having advanced customer service tools are gone. VoIP has leveled the playing field, so now anyone can have those same advantages when it comes to improving customer interactions to an incredible degree.

Call Center Technology FAQs

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