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Call monitoring is a call management activity that entails listening to calls in order to enhance client interactions.

It's typically the call center agent's coach or supervisor who listens in on live calls, but the quality assurance team or contact center manager may also use it for call quality monitoring after the conversation is finished.

This is just one of the several ways contact centers can ensure that their agents are more efficient and productive.

Can calls be monitored?

If you're unsure whether your company can lawfully overhear the conversations between your agent and your clients, this is the answer.

You can record phone conversations under federal law as long as they are business-related (for example, training and quality assurance). However, some state laws go a bit further by requiring that all participants consent to the conversation being recorded or monitored. That's why, before the automatic call distribution (ACD) and call routing mechanism kicks in to send the call to an agent, it's good practice to inform clients that their conversation may be recorded for quality assurance purposes, and obtain their consent via the interactive voice response (IVR) system.

What is a call monitoring system?

A call monitoring system, often known as a call center agent observation software, is a program or software that allows you to monitor your contact center agent's calls. It's available in many business phone systems and cloud-based contact center solutions.

Call Cowboy's contact center solution, for example, has a very flexible call monitoring tool. It not only allows you to listen in on conversations, but it also lets you take specific actions to assist resolve problems that occur during the conversation. Advanced call monitoring features such as call whisper, call barge, and call takeover may be utilized to limit what you receive from your customer service representative:

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Advanced Call Monitoring Features

Call whisper

Most call monitoring systems allow the person monitoring your agents' calls to communicate with the contact center agent without the client hearing. Supervisors and instructors may provide verbal assistance without disturbing the conversation while only listening to the caller.

Call barge

In contrast to whisper, this function allows the listener to participate in the discussion. In this example, both the agent and the customer will hear and talk with the coach or supervisor, which is comparable to conference calling.

When an agent is having trouble dealing with the caller's issue and isn't hearing whispered commands well, it's a good idea to use this technique. Because the coach or supervisor is already listening to the call, they can intervene if the consumer asks for a supervisor or manager. It's superior than using call forward to reroute calls to the next available.

Call takeover

The coach or supervisor who took over the call may take control of the conversation at any time. In this situation, the agent is disconnected from the caller, who will now converse with the coach or superior that managed to take over.

Call recording

Instead of monitoring live conversations, your quality assurance staff may choose to listen to the agents' previously recorded discussions from the call logs. They won't be able to influence the conversation, but it's a valuable tool for evaluating agent performance and detecting patterns in client queries.


Why is call monitoring important?

It's not simply about evaluating agent performance when it comes to call monitoring. It's all about enhancing agent performance.

Make sure your coaching and training are as efficient as possible

Getting feedback while you work is a unique experience. You may quickly incorporate the instructions you're given into the activity you're performing. And that's what call monitoring allows for. Coaches can eavesdrop, give direct criticism and coaching, or take over the call if they need to.

Reduces the number of escalations

Agents that are trained in the initial step of their process are more inclined to handle customer complaints themselves rather than sending them up the ladder. These direct coaching sessions also help agents perform better, lowering the amount of escalations in the future.

Manage remote employees

With today's businesses turning to remote working methods, the ability to give hands-on coaching and management to employees is increasingly important.

Training new agents

Agent training and support must improve. New agents require more coaching assistance. The benefit of individual instruction in which the coach can be with the new agent literally in his or her ear can't be overestimated.

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Who uses the call monitoring feature of a call center software?

Our service allows you to obtain live calls from your employees with the push of a button. There are several kinds of contact centers, but they all revolve around this feature: being able to observe and interact with staff through real-time phone monitoring. Even for small businesses, mid-sized organizations, or huge enterprises, our service may be beneficial.

Customers may contact businesses through a variety of channels, including social media, live chat, text messaging, email, or even video conferencing. The traditional phone call is still the most common method for connecting with companies, regardless of how customers interact with them.

The value of having multiple options for training and instructing your workers in effective communications, as long as they have direct contact with clients via voice calls, is well worth it.

Technical and customer service teams

This is where call monitoring has the most impact. Customer support staffs rely heavily on long call queues due to the high number of inbound calls, which range from simple account inquiries to complex technical assistance requests. Call monitoring is one of the methods employed by QA teams to guarantee that agents satisfy quality standards and policies under these circumstances.

It's not only for internal teams. A lot of businesses outsource their customer and technical support staff to external contact centers. Call monitoring allows these contact centers to fulfill their clients' service quality standards.

Sales organizations

Call record monitoring is commonly used by sales departments to train new agents. Coaches have the capacity to offer direct feedback and instruction to sales agents, whether it's inbound sales where prospects contact sales or outbound selling where the agent calls leads. They may give Tips on how to react to certain cues from prospects, for example.

They can also do so in reverse. Instead of the new agent listening in on a call from an experienced sales person, the new agent may listen in on more seasoned sales agents. They can acquire firsthand knowledge of how experienced agents manage difficult instances, refute leads' points, and generally reply to any queries thrown their way by this method.

Marketing Department

Call monitoring may be used by marketing teams despite the fact that they rarely interact with consumers directly. Many businesses' marketing departments utilize it to track how their sales staff sells their products or services to leads or prospective clients.

Marketing departments are concerned about whether the branding and messaging they use in marketing campaigns are consistent with that of the sales team. If there is a disconnect, it must be resolved by everyone involved, or lost leads and revenue will result.

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