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Do you want to turn your phone system into a virtual call center? We have the perfect solution for you! With our cloud based call center solution, professional business owners can use their existing mobile, office phones and computers to create a blended virtual call center. This method is not only affordable but it is also fast and convenient.

What is a cloud based call center solution?

Cloud based call center solutions are advantageous because they allow customers to speak with a representative no matter their location, in contrast with standard call centers which require agents to be at a single place. Cloud based call center solution software allows you to work from home or a remote location as long as the internet is accessible.

Outbound Calling Options

Our cloud based call center offers automated dialing, which causes it to automatically add customer phone numbers to your queue and ring them in order (until the list is exhausted).

With our virtual call-centre software, agents will be able to use priority calls and other advanced features which make calling less time-intensive. As a result, they can focus on answering clients’ inquiries and converting them into sales – giving you a higher conversion rate from calls all virtually!

Inbound Customer Service

This software provides customer service for professional businessmen. The caller management system makes it easier to interact with customers, and the profit maximization initiative will help your company's profitability in the long-term.

Cloud based call center solutions offer many benefits

Improved productivity

Calls to your business can be managed by our cloud based call center solution, increasing efficiency and success. Our easy-to-use interface helps beat the competition!

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Reduces Time Wasted

The automated cloud based call center service provides a seamless transition to the next call and is one of the most affordable services available.

More Calls, Lead Conversion, and Revenue

Call Cowboy is the leading predictive and automatic dialing solution for businesses of any size- it allows sales agents to make up to 45% more phone calls per day. There are many benefits to using the sales software that will maximize your time, make it simpler for you to sell products and services, and even generate more revenue.

Proper Planning of Your Schedule

When used on a small scale, call center technology offers many benefits for the employees and company. They are able to provide better customer service, sell more products and save money on marketing campaigns.

Makes Calling Customer-Centric

With a predictive dialer, callers receive their calls from a local number. What if they are busy when we try to speak with them? The cloud based call center solution is able to keep in regular contact with the person during appropriate hours.

Ensures High-Quality Conversations

Improve your call center calls by using the best phone software. Consistency leads to higher conversion rates.

How our cloud based call center software is different?

  • Integrations with CRM to Reach Targeted Contacts
    Our contact center application syncs with your CRM and allows you to export contacts for use in our campaigns.
  • Call Monitoring and Recording
    Via our power dialer, users can listen to recordings of conversations with clients and search the texts within them. Providing key customer preferences to your sales agents is critical so that they can better apply their selling techniques for the customers. Automate your telemarketing campaigns with our call center technology. Real-time software lets you monitor all leads instantly.
  • Optimal Calls-To-Agent Ratio
    The predictive dialing that is used in our cloud based call solution ensures a high quality customer experience. Setting the right ratio between agents and calls will make sure that your salespeople are available when they need to be. You can customize the settings of this predictive dialer according to the needs of your company, so contact us today!
  • Scalable Needs
    Our cloud based call center solutions are priced at a low monthly rate per seat. Sign up today for Call Cowboy!
  • Easier Cold Calling
    By using this latest, most sophisticated dialer system you can quickly start connecting your team with potential customers.
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Connect with customers in real-time without the burdens of pauses or delays

One of the most important parts about any campaign is how to answer phone calls. These conversations-both potential and existing clients-need to be handled effectively for campaigns to succeed. Our software aims at providing a cost efficient way of doing that, specifically designed for professional call centers.

Marketing is the long game in business, but catching those callers with effective calls is a key component of success.

Our cloud based call center solutions help you find success in that area without breaking the bank. Let our staff show how much more affordable we are than other companies out there.

Software that's cloud based is the solution for a call center

Here are a few tips on how to make the management of a cloud based call center solution easier:

  • Managers need to communicate with their team and explain the situation. They also need to model behavior they want from others. In addition, they should check in with remote employees on a regular basis to ensure things are running smoothly.
  • Positioning employees for success: Monitor gaps in skills training, coaching opportunities as well as ways to add new skills development to push a team that performs at the highest level. Focus on fostering relationships with others by creating partnerships between departments such as customer service and sales.
  • There are many apps available to make your job easier, but figure out which is best for your needs and solicit suggestions from co-workers.


Questions about our cloud based call center solution

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