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Is your business looking for ways to expand its call center functions to other geographic areas? Have you thought about using cloud contact center solutions? Doing this could grow the territory covered by your employees while allowing them the flexibility many want and need. In turn, doing this helps businesses maximize the number of outbound and inbound calls.

Call Cowboy can help your business achieve, even exceed its call center goals!

What Is a Cloud Contact Center?

The way people define "call center" these days is changing dramatically from what it was only a few years ago. Plenty of bullpen-style calling facilities remain. But new cloud contact center software has enabled significant progress towards redefining the functions of the call center job description. Before long, most site-based call centers will be obsolete.

A cloud call center (or cloud contact center) provides customer service and manages customer contacts. It uses multiple channels, including phone, email, chat, text messaging, and social media. Instead of being located on-site, the contact center technology a cloud call center uses is hosted by a third party. So it benefits from many cloud computing functions.

Several call center applications are commonly hosted on the cloud. These include automatic call distributors (ACD), which routes contacts. There is also interactive voice response (IVR) systems for greeting callers and providing self-service functions. Cloud contact centers also use hosted solutions for workforce management, analytics, CRM, training, etc.

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How Can Using a Cloud Call Center Benefit Your Business?

Are you looking for a win-win business solution that helps build traffic? One that employs qualified people even if they might not be able to commute to and from your location? If you need these business solutions, then cloud-based contact centers are your answer. And we'll tell you why.

Workforce Flexibility

The call center software cloud is accessible to anyone who has an up-to-date computer with a good internet connection. In most cases, call center agents can work from home. Who would turn down an opportunity like that? It's the opportunity underemployed people, stay-at-home parents, college students needing financial support, and others all could appreciate.

Easy to Scale

Businesses like retailers experience seasonal fluctuations in contact volume. This situation often leads to inconsistent staffing levels. However, cloud-based call centers can scale up and down readily by paying only for the extra staffing needed at any given time. In today's gig-driven workforce, there are sure to be workers available to jump in and earn some extra cash.

Lower Ownership Expense

Cloud-based companies have discovered the savings afforded by operating virtually. They no longer need to deal with software updates or replacing hardware. The pros handle possible hacking attempts and other security breaches. And the need to hire system administrators and staff IT departments no longer exists.

The cloud provider takes care of these tasks and others. And that gives the organization the time to focus on delivering the best possible customer service.

Timely Information

Any call center agent would find it challenging to navigate an outdated system. Such technology often fails to serve the right customer information at the right time. And customers have no idea what's going on at the other end of the service line they called. As we all know, irritated customers are not good for business!

No worries, though. Call center software clouds can predict and address these issues before they ever occur.

Increased Reliability

Businesses trust on-site call centers to avoid inferior call quality. Issues related to voice quality might be avoidable with traditional phone service. Still, physical hardware is never 100% reliable, either. Cloud-based phone technology is immune to these hardware issues. Our cloud contact center solutions have built-in backup functions to safeguard against failure.

Security and Technical Support

Why do so many people believe that site-based call center systems are more reliable than cloud-hosted call centers ? The truth is that today’s cloud contact centers offer all the availability, reliability, and disaster readiness you could need.

Geographical redundancy allows cloud contact centers to guarantee uptime as high as 99.99%. Moreover, highly trained IT experts manage the system 24/7 and make sure all the software is up-to-date.

Process and Analyze Customer Data

Cloud contact centers serve as hubs for collecting and funneling customer data for analysis. Behavioral, demographic, and location-based information can help identify the best agent for a given customer. Doing this can increase customer satisfaction and improve up-selling and cross-selling rates.

When the data are aggregated, processed, and analyzed, they could reveal quite a lot. Examples include patterns in sales, customer opinion, times the call volume is high vs. low, and other valuable insights.

More Effective Call Center Agent Assignments

Let's face it. Some call center agents interact with customer predilections and interactions better than others. With cloud call centers, companies can leverage call queues to direct customers to a given call center agent automatically. That agent is selected based on their skills and temperament.

Available intelligent scheduling also enhances productivity. With hosted call centers, both inbound and outbound calls can be assigned based on agent availability.

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How Do Cloud Contact Centers Operate?

You could describe cloud computing as an online collection of shared resources. It provides computing services, data storage, and networked services. These functions can be deployed rapidly and at scale—like those we offer at Call Cowboy.

Two significant factors have led to cloud computing's rise to prominence The first is technological advances, including widespread high-speed internet access. The second is the proliferation of investment to build and update infrastructure, which should facilitate economies of scale.

With these developments, cloud call center software can share all the features that make up traditional site-based data centers. And they allow access to them (and more) on an as-needed basis. Now, cloud-based call center solutions provide the services businesses need to communicate efficiently. Anyone, anywhere with the proper technology and access can use them.

Predictive Dialing

The predictive dialer is an outbound calling system. It dials a list of telephone numbers and connects those answered to call center agents. This technology automatically dials several numbers at once from calling lists. This ensures that agents are connected only to live human beings. They never reach voice mail or a busy signal.

Auto Dialing

Increase agent productivity by automating cold calls from your phone list. Doing this also protects your private number. Call Cowboy's auto-dial app handles all your outbound calls.

Having this function will boost your callers' productivity. And that would position your company as a strong one—and poised for even more growth. That's business for the 21st Century!

Use With All Mobile and Desktop Phones

What do you prefer for your employees? Will you allow them to use home, office, or mobile phones to answer inbound calls and place outbound calls? We offer this option so that there's no need to purchase phones and other equipment for every call center agent you hire. And no hassle over keeping track of its whereabouts.

IVR System

Sometimes known as a "dialing tree," an interactive voice response (IVR) system offers a series of prompts to help locate a specific office or individual. The caller will be directed to the one they requested. Since it expedites the connection and saves frustration for the caller, this technology benefits both the caller and the business.

Other Convenience Features

Essentially, our cloud contact center software gives users access to the same features they are accustomed to using with landline or mobile call center systems. Some of these features are voice mail messaging, call transfer, call forwarding, and other cloud call center solutions. It even includes some they might not have experienced before.

Plans and Pricing

Call Cowboy offers low monthly user rates for call center agents. Each agent's output remains the same, though, leaving the savings as profit. Cloud contact center solutions are clearly an excellent choice for many companies and organizations. Along with businesses, non-profits, universities, polling services, and others stand to benefit from cloud-based call center solutions.

Call Us — Then Call Your Customers (With Our Cloud Contact Center)

We're Call Cowboy, and we will transform your business with our new cloud contact software and the support that comes with it. Consider the benefits of being able to streamline all your communications into a single system. Our cloud center will help you expand your business. It also offers a high degree of security and reliability, thanks to our dedicated support team.

Think of everything your company has to gain from doing business on the call center software cloud—as we've discussed in the preceding paragraphs. There's a lot to consider, isn't there? Now, think about any drawbacks of using cloud call center solutions from Call Cowboy instead of an on-site call center. We can't think of many, can you?

Reach out to us today and learn more about our future-forward cloud center platform. Discover how it can help your business!

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