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Unlimited Faxes

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Free Caller ID

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Lifetime Storage

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Free Fax Cover Sheets
Free Fax Cover Sheets

Take advantage if our templated fax cover sheet templates with in yiur portal.

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Fax to Email

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Address Book (CRM)

You may save important company connections in your company's app so you can send faxes and manage correspondence.

What Is a Fax Cover Sheet?

Simply said, a fax cover sheet is a separate piece of paper that is sent to the recipients ahead of time. It contains all of the necessary data, as well as a note to assist the receiver to understand what should be done with the paper. It's especially advantageous in firms with only one fax machine for all of its employees, or when the receiver isn't expecting the transmission.

What Does a Fax Cover Sheet Include?

Various fax cover sheets include varying information or boxes for the sender to complete. In general, you may anticipate:

  • The name and last name of the person you're sending to
  • The recipient's fax and phone numbers
  • The sender's name and last name
  • The sender's fax and/or phone number
  • Date and time
  • The number of pages in the faxed material
  • The subject of the fax, as well as a short note or comment regarding its content

Sensitive Data

If you're sending a document that contains sensitive data that should only be seen by the person to whom it's being sent, include a cover sheet at the top of the page.


A “Confidential” note may be included within the design of some fax cover sheets. A corporate fax cover sheet will also most likely include the company name and logo.

The final choice about what to include on a fax cover sheet is yours and your company's. There are numerous free Microsoft Word fax cover sheet templates (such as ours) that may be readily modified to meet your demands.

Should You Use Fax Cover Sheet Template?

The fact is that, in the end, it all comes down to personal taste - but many people feel that fax cover sheets are beneficial. Cover sheets are sometimes utilized by organizations as a means to make identification simpler. They also believe that once the receiver's name is seen, others will be less inclined to read the faxed communication.

Although some people believe that fax cover sheets are needless, they aren't. Fax cover sheets make you seem more professional and speed up the connection between you and the receiver.

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Fax Cover Sheet Templates


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