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Do you want to turn your phone system into a virtual call center? We have the perfect solution for you! With our virtual call center software, professional business owners can easily use their existing mobile, office phones and computers to create a blended virtual call center. Not only is this cost-effective, but it is also quick and easy to set up. You won't believe how quickly you'll start making money from calls that come in on your computer or phone line!

What is a Virtual Call Center?

Virtual call centers allow customers to chat with a representative from any location, in contrast to standard call centers where agents answer and make calls at a single place. Virtual call center software allows people to work from home or different offices but are connected via the internet.

Outbound Calling

Our virtual call center software is an automated telephone technology that adds phone numbers to your agent’s contact list queue and dials them in sequence. Automatic dialing will continue sequentially until the list has been exhausted.

With our virtual call centre software, agents will be able to use priority calls and other advanced features which make calling less time-intensive. They can focus on answering clients’ inquiries and converting them into sales – giving you a higher conversion rate from calls all virtually!

Inbound Call Center

We are looking to help more professional businesses with their customer interactions. With this software, you’ll be able to better manage your calls and increase company profitability at the same time.

Benefits of using Virtual Call Center Software

Improved productivity

Calls to your business are managed by Call Cowboy's virtual call center software, enabling you to increase efficiency and attainment. Our cloud-based dialer boasts a easy to use interface that enables much greater success than competing products!

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Reduces Time Wasted

The automated virtual call center provides for a seamless transition to the next call and is one of the most affordable services available.

More Calls, Lead Conversion, and Revenue

The leading predictive and automatic dialing solution for businesses of all sizes, Call Cowboy enables your sales agents to make up to 45% more phone calls per day. Ideal for those with a demanding or active schedule, this software allows them to contact more potential clients and sell their services and products faster, maximizing revenue for your business while taking the time yet effort out of servicing contacts manually.

Proper Planning of Your Schedule

Too often, sales professionals neglect the importance of call center technology. But these benefits - superior customer service, increased sales volume and lower cost for marketing campaigns start to show even when used on a small scale. Thus freeing up time for employees to do other work.

Makes Calling Customer-Centric

With our predictive dialer, callers receive their calls from a local number. What if they are busy when we try to speak with them? The virtual call center software is able to keep in regular contact with them during the most appropriate hours.

Ensures High-Quality Conversations

Use the best software for virtual call centers to get thoughtful, personalized phone conversations with your customers. More interactions means a better conversion rate!

What Makes Our Virtual Call Center Technology Different?

  • Integrations with CRM to Reach Targeted Contacts
    We offer a virtual contact center application which interfaces with your existing CRM and provides exporting contacts to be imported into our campaigns.
  • Call Monitoring and Recording
    Using our power dialer, you can listen to recordings of conversations with clients as well as look up details about these interactions in a voice and text format. This makes it easy for your sales agents to gather information on the customers' preferences so they can tailor their selling techniques to suit them. Tap into our Call Center Technology's capabilities and you'll be able to monitor your telemarketing leads in real-time with the most up-to-date software.
  • Optimal Calls-To-Agent Ratio
    The predictive dialing technology included in our virtual call center software ensures a better customer experience. Setting the appropriate ratio for agents to volume of calls is important because it makes sure that sales representatives are available when they need to be. We can set up the predictive dialer on your business' needs, so contact us today!
  • Scalable Needs
    With our virtual call center software, you can connect with customers easily and expand as needed. Sign up for Call Cowboy at only $79.95/month per seat on a monthly subscription basis!
  • Easier Cold Calling
    The most sophisticated dialer system money can buy. Starts connecting your team with potential customers right away, no matter how short or long the list is.
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Grow Your Business with Real-Time Calls without Pauses or Delays

One of the most crucial parts about any campaign is how to answer phone calls. These conversations, both potential and existing clients, need to be handled effectively in order for campaigns to succeed. Our software is designed specifically for professional call centers with a cost-effective way of doing this.

You spend a lot of time marketing and advertising to grow your business, but catching those callers with effective calls is the key.

Virtual call center software can help you quickly find success in this area without breaking the bank! Let our trained staff show how affordable we are when compared to other companies.

Virtual Call Center Software is the Solution

Here are some tips to help make managing a virtual call center easier:

  • Mangers need to talk with their team and make sure that everyone knows what is going on. They should show people the way they want them to do things. And they should help remote employees by checking in with them every once in a while to see how things are going.
  • Improve visibility: Focus on the performance of your employee. Monitor gaps in training or coaching, as well as opportunity for new skills development to grow a team that runs like a high-performance machine. Think about ways to foster relationships with others in departments such as sales, marketing and customer service.
  • There are numerous apps in the market that can make your work easier. Figure out which is best for you, and ask for suggestions from other team members.

Virtual Call Center FAQs

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