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If you're looking for VoIP call center software, then you've come to the right place. We offer both predictive and automatic dialing solutions for businesses of all sizes. Pricing is $99.95/month per seat.


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What is a VoIP Call Center Solution?

Our VoIP Call Center is an automated telephone technology that adds phone numbers to your agent’s contact list queue and dials them in sequence. As soon as the agent completes a call, the software will call the next contact on this list.

Your agents don’t need to spend time manually dialing numbers. Instead, they can focus on answering clients’ inquiries and converting them into sales. This optimizes your conversion rates from incoming calls.

Benefits of using VoIP Call Center Software

Improvement in Productivity

Afraid that your workplace is not functioning to its maximum level of efficiency? Though many think it would be impossible to dramatically increase attainment of success in such a field, we at Call Cowboy are dedicated to bringing this change. With the availability of our dialer software, you can make calls 5 times faster than before!

Reduces Time Wasted

Our VoIP Center Software allows for a seamless transition to the next call, and is one of the most inexpensive services on the market.

More Calls, Lead Conversion, and Revenue

With our Call Cowboy dialer, a sales agent can make up to 45% more calls per day. This allows them to contact more potential clients and sell their services & products faster, maximizing revenue for your business.

Shutting down on time is crucial to creating a successful business, especially if you operate on tight margins that need every dollar.

Proper Planning of Your Schedule

Automatic dialers are often overlooked by sales professionals, assuming they’ll find it too expensive or don’t have the time to focus on other tasks. However, automatic dialing software can help them plan out their day and improve their efficiency and productivity immensely.

Makes Calling Customer-Centric

With a predictive dialer, we can still reach your target audience from their local numbers even if they are long distance. What’s more, it’s convenient for your clients. When they're busy, you can schedule a more opportune time to talk to them. The power dialer will automatically call them at the scheduled time.

Ensures High-Quality Conversations

By utilizing advanced call scripts and personalized surveys, the dialer software lets you have authentic conversations with your customers. This improves conversions.

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What Makes our VoIP Call Center Software Different?

Integrations with CRM to Reach Targeted Contacts

Our contact center software integrates with your CRM and allows you to extract contact lists and data for importing into our VoIP Call Center campaigns.

Call Monitoring and Recording

Your agents can record conversations or readouts with your clients when using the power dialer, and view details about these interactions in voice and text format. Details include call logs, survey responses, and more--helping you analyze a client's needs and better understand them to create experiences specific for that customer.
We offer business campaigns so effective that you can monitor each session in real time. You will be able to see how your campaign went and have the opportunity to make necessary improvements for achieving maximum efficiency.

Optimal Calls-To-Agent Ratio

The power dialer offers a better customer experience, so it’s imperative to keep an appropriate ratio of calls to agents.
Businesses need the right calls-to-agents ratio to allow their sales representatives to make more sales instead of waiting idle. Our power dialer helps business owners improve efficiency without sacrificing customer satisfaction.

Scalable Needs

With Call Cowboy’s Premium VoIP call center software, you can quickly connect with customers and scale your business as needed. Pricing starts at $79.95/month per seat on a monthly subscription basis.

Easier Cold Calling

Among its many features, our dialer helps your team initiate authentic connections with customers. Whether you have a long or short contact list, this personalized mode is great for generating leads and driving sales.

Grow Your Business with Real-Time Calls without Pauses or Delays

Answering your call is not just about efficiency. Making a positive impression on the other line can be pivotal to the success of any telemarketing campaign.
If you want to get more conversions from your telemarketing campaigns, our voice call center tool is what you need! With features such as fast dialing speed and balanced calling ratio for agents, come talk to us about getting all the necessary tools for success.

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