Fax Machine

Send and receive documents online using our fax machine.


Monthly Per User
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Fax Machine Features

With little work, you may turn your computer into an online fax machine.

Unlimited Faxes Unlimited Faxes

There's no sense in paying a premium every time you fax if you just need to do it once or twice. With one low price, our service provides limitless possibilities for personal and professional documents.

Free Caller ID Free Caller ID

Each member may select a local or toll-free fax number from the feasible alternatives.

Fax to Email Fax to Email

You may receive all incoming faxes through your email or via Call Cowboy desktop software.

Lifetime Storage Lifetime Storage

Keep all faxed communications in your document repository organized and readily accessible.

Address Book (CRM) Address Book (CRM)

Important business contacts may be stored in your company's app so that you can send faxes and manage correspondences analytics.

How to use Call Cowboy Fax Machine

Send a Fax Online in 3 Easy Steps:


Sign Up

Aside from allowing you to send as many faxes as you like, Call Cowboy allows you to cancel at any moment.


Choose Your Fax Number

Choose an area code or toll-free number for your fax through your online account.


Send and Receive Fax

Our fax machine software lets you send and receive faxes quickly.

Fax Machine Unlimited Pricing

No Contracts, No Hidden Fees, Cancel Anytime



Monthly per User
  • Toll-Free or Local Caller ID
  • Unlimited Faxes
  • Unlimited Pages
  • Unlimited Storage
  • Receive Fax Via Email
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Who Uses Call Cowboy's Fax Machine?

Fax Machine software services all personal and business industries

Personal Use

Some organizations, banks, and other enterprises request fax transmission. Because it is faster and less likely to be intercepted, faxing is regarded as more secure than email sending.

Home Office

If you want to operate from home and use a fax, you may find yourself needing to submit and retrieve papers by fax. Call Cowboy provides fax services that can meet all of your requirements without breaking the bank on an expensive machine or a phone line just for sending and receiving documents.

Small Business

Small companies may benefit from Online services, which enable them to maintain a professional look from anywhere in the world. Unlike a standard landline phone number, toll-free numbers exude professionalism and history.


When you have an enterprise with numerous divisions that require secure information to be transmitted and received over fax, keeping hardware and multiples lines of phones for each department or location is no longer a practical solution.

Client Testimonials

See what our clients have to say

I don't usually fax, but when I do it typically takes me an hour to drive to the nearest shipping terminal. Using fax machine online saves me time and money.
Charles Fisher

United States

Many of my clients like to submit their orders via fax, so being a food broker has its drawbacks. The ease with which Fax Online Software allows me to get them into my email inbox is fantastic.
Joanna Vaught

United States

I used to spend more time and money sending orders to clients before I signed up for Fax Machine Software. With Fax Machine, it is now considerably easier.
Nolan Giant

United States

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Here you will find answers to all our most frequent questions

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