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Call Cowboy Features
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  • Voicemail Transcription
  • Multi Call Handling
  • Customized Greetings
  • Call Forwarding
  • Call Tracking | Reporting | Analytics
  • Business Texts
  • Voip | Wifi Calling
  • Inbound Call Control
  • VOIP Phone Numbers
  • Extensions
  • Call Transferring
  • Voicemail

Whether you're an enterprise-level company or the owner of a small business, we offer the most powerful and cost-effective inbound/outbound hosted call center solution on the market. With our software, enterprises get access to advanced features without sacrificing service or quality. Contact us today and let's discuss how we can help!

What is a Hosted Call Center Solution?

A hosted call center is a customer experience solution in which an organization’s inbound, outbound and voice-based self-service customer interactions are handled through a service provider’s back-office system. This option offers organizations lower costs of ownership.

A hosted call center provides services that a traditional on-site customer service center would offer, as well as worry-free technical support. As customers are quickly adopting digital channels when contacting businesses - such as social media, mobile and web platforms - being able to provide those channels without the added infrastructure, maintenance and support costs is becoming one of the most important business benefits.

Benefits of Call Cowboys Hosted Call Center Solution

Call Cowboys outbound call center software features a powerful interface that promotes efficiency in the outbound calling process. Calls can be made from any computer, landline or mobile device anywhere in the world.


Unlimited Minutes

Use our hosted call center solution to make unlimited inbound/outbound calls without ever paying per minute fees again.


By automatically calling the next number in your list, automated outbound dialing software can help you to reach more prospects.

Predictive Dialer

Places multiple phone calls simultaneously, and connects you to whomever answers first. It is the preferred way for outbound call centers to make outgoing calls.

Screen Pop

Screen pops are when an agent's screen automatically pop up with customer information at the same time they take a call from that person.

Toll-Free Numbers

Search and access a list of toll-free phone numbers that suit your company’s needs.

Call Tracking

Gain a deeper understanding of customer motivations by identifying the key drivers for your target audience and tracking real-time conversations in creative ways.

Business SMS

Business text messaging gives you the power to send and receive texts through your work phone number.

Voicemail Drops

Insert a prerecorded phone number into recipients voicemail boxes while moving onto the next call.

Desk Phones

Our hosted call center is perfect for any enterprise level business with diverse needs. Whether you're looking to do inbound or outbound dialing, our desk phones offer all the features necessary at an affordable price.

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Call Cowboy helps you send and receive faxes through an easy to use online interface.

IVR (Interactive Voice Response)

All-purpose phone menu with unlimited extensions to route callers to the appropriate party.

CRM (Customer Management System)

Manage customer interactions through the entire sales process with Call Cowboy. Use our inbound and outbound dialing solutions to save time on routine tasks and focus on high value opportunities.

Cloud Contact Center

Our hosted call center software handles all inbound and outbound customer communications.

Lead Segmentation

Identify how your company can segment its prospects and customers into groups based on various parameters. The insights that the classification offers will allow you to understand what type of solution is best for a specific customer or prospect.

Simultaneous Call Handling

Simultaneous call handling forwards the caller to the next available forwarding number when they reach a line that is busy or not answering.

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Call Cowboy is a powerful phone solution for enterprises of any size. Implementing and setting up Call Cowboy takes minutes, allowing you to focus on your business.



Our goal with the product was to provide the best hosted call center solution for companies of all sizes. Your feedback is very important to us and we would be grateful if you would share it with us.

Why Choose Call Cowboy?

Call Cowboy customer satisfaction is our top priority. When you need a dialer, not only can we provide the best product on the market but shopping with us also means your peace of mind in knowing that all aspects of the dialer have been perfected and shown to you personally! If you don’t find what you're looking for in this guide or would prefer to talk it over with someone, just give us a call—we are always happy to help!

What Makes our Hosted Cloud Call Center Solution Different?


Call Cowboy Solutions unlocks your team's potential by giving you the freedom to work anywhere in the world. You'll have better remote access and virtual dialing capabilities with a hosted call center solution from Call Cowboy.

Integrations with CRM to Reach Targeted Contacts

You can upload customer contact lists into the Outbound Call Center software to improve your customer relations.

Call Monitoring and Recording

Call cowboy hosted call center software software allows your agents to review and listen to live conversations with clients. They also have the ability to lookup details about voice or text conversations, simplifying their work and saving time. Improve your marketing strategy by installing this call management platform into either inbound or outbound dialing solutions.

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Optimal Calls-To-Agent Ratio

The predictive dialer included with our cloud-based call center software ensures that your customers have a better experience. The volume of calls per representative must be set appropriately so that agents are not too overwhelmed to respond to customer requests.

Scalable Needs

Easily start a call center with Call Cowboy. We allow you to add or remove seats as necessary, and our cloud service keeps your costs down by cutting back on data usage.

Easier Cold Calling

The fastest, easiest way to connect with potential customers. Our software package provides businesses the ability to create and manage their own in-bound and out-bound campaigns from within one dashboard, making it easy for entire departments or small teams of users.

Grow Your Business with Real-Time Calls without Pauses or Delays

The success of any campaign depends on its ability to make calls. A cost-effective solution is imperative because communication is one of the most expensive factors in running a successful business. That's why choosing a hosted call center solution that goes above and beyond to give your company an edge is crucial for reaching new customers.

Our hosted call center software is designed specifically for voice contact made through the cloud. This type of process is more cost-effective without sacrificing reliability or functionality.

Outbound call centers the right way

In order for your business to flourish, it's important to have the right hosted call center software in place. With an outbound call center software at your side, you can make sure that customers will always want answers through a phone conversation rather than risk waiting on hold for too long or trying their luck with email. Reach out anytime and we'll help direct you towards the best possible solution.

Hosted Call Center Solution FAQs

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